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Peaches, you must promise not to *phone me tonight to discuss the show. It is Joann's (my wife) birthday and we will have a houseful of people. We are taping the finale and will watch it on Thursday. You wouldn't want to spoil it for me now would you?

*Not that you've ever phoned me before, dammit.

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As cliff-hangers go I supose this one was ok. I'd have preferred to see at least one of the questions resolved. I'm getting quite tired of a couple of the characters and I'd like to see them offed. However, I know most of you won't agree so I dare not mention them.

I want to thank all of you for the restraint you showed in not discussing the finale last Thursday. I watched it Thursday night.

The underground structure(inside the pod) I'm betting is something that's leftover from when A Bomb tests were being conducted in the Pacific.

The Pirates? The remains of folk who washed up on the island and were terrorized by whatever entity protects it. They cannot reproduce due to the radioactivity to which they were exposed. That's why they want the children. To replenish their tribe.

The entity? I know but I aint tellin'.

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Ok, I just watched the very last episode I could find to download, and it just ends! Like that?! Am I missing out on something here or is this the last the other LOSTers out there have seen? The final scene is a downward camera through the shaft below the hatch? :stars: ::

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Ok, well Lost finally appeared on UK television last night, the first two episodes were broadcast on Channel 4, and then the third episode was shown on E4. I am totally hooked! Even after reading the whole of this thread, it hasn't really spoiled the show for me - I didn't understand what you lot were on about half the time!!

Some parts of it are quite jumpy, aren't they? When the pilot woke up when Kate was leaning over him in the cockpit, I jumped feet! It was totally brilliant, and can't wait for the next one ::

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