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Does it hurt a band if it has a stupid name? A lot of '90s bands with goofy names disappeared real fast (remember Deadeye Dick? Ugly Kid Joe?). For the love of Hoobastank, it seems like a quirky name could get you some attention, but also keep you from being taken seriously. If you were starting a band, what would you name it? Here are some unused names I think would work:

King Lear's Jets

Randy Stern

Sharpton Protest


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I think it all depends on the music. There were a few bands from the 80's that had weird names but were very influential: The Cure, The Smiths, etc. Heck, even U2 is a pretty weird name if you really think about it. A weird name helps you to be memorable, but if your music stinks what's the point?

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Let's not forget these gems: Gene Loves Jezebel, Men Without Hats, Love and Rockets, Curiousity Killed the Cat, Meet Danny Wilson, Echo and the Bunnymen, and many others too numerous to mention!!

My favorite band name would have to be Jane's Addiction. Can't say I like the latest incarnation, but "Nothing's Shocking" and "Ritual de lo Habitual" rocked! :guitar:

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A friend of mine compiles these on one of his websites. I can't decide some of these whether they're cool or stupid... Some of my favourites:

Jehovah's Waitresses

The Buggles

Busta Rhymes (but with what...)

The B*tthole Surfers

My Dog Has Hitler's Brain

And many more...

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I LOVE IT! Sharpton Protest!

I'd name mine Mojo Recovering:: after looking at that Rolling Stone list of the Top 100 Guitarists and seeing David Gilmour and Angus Young, and Jimmy Page if you can imagine that crap, near the bottom of the list ::. Marc Bolan of T. Rex was near the top, and the ever over rated Eric Clapton was way up there...#2 I think. Page blows him away - hands down! And Jeff Beck. Who the BLEEP listens to HIM?! :stars:

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Okay Lunachick Clapton is not overated, have you ever heard of Cream? Clapton did some of the greatest, longest, and downright exhausting solos known to man when he was with them, though Jimmy Page does beat him (he should be #1) Clapton belongs at the bottom Clapton is God

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No offense.

OVER RATED - Clapton is the name that gets thrown around the most, be it out of genuine like of his work, or simply out of familiarity. Of course I know who Cream is, and Derek and the Dominoes, and The Yardbirds. I grew up on Clapton. I do like Clapton's work - in some songs, but I think that his (mostly) blues style is monotonous. It is too slow for me to really get into. Just as I think Angus Young is amazing, sometimes he is way too heavy, and Eddie Van Halen is great but "screechy" overkill. It is all a matter of musical tastes - what catches the ear.

Jimmy Page, Hendrix - they did things that were DIFFERENT - things that were UNIQUE in terms of style. Page, to me, was nothing short of phenomenal. I never tire of LZ.

David Gilmour of PF - another great, but unfortunately, he is UNDER RATED. Clapton may have made his guitar "sing", as they say, but Page made his WAIL :guitar:

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I remember a punk band named The Dead Kennedys...they had a song called Too Drunk to F#!k

Pearl Jam - now that's a strange name (I know where it came from but it is still weird). I thought at first it had something to do with a kick ass drum solo (Pearl) until I heard enough of them to realize almost all their drummers sucked - except Jack Irons! "Pearl Jam" isn't worse than their original name of "Mookie Baylock" - after an actual person:p

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How many guitarists does it take to play a Stevie Ray Vaughn solo? Unfortunately, eventually, all of them.... LOL, sorry, Stevie is the 'overrated' artist in my personal file. I like Clapton too....


This is funny, I have to respond to this one - too! :shades:

I love the fact that people have thought that Jethro Tull was the the name of a member, not the band. Or Pink Floyd (which one is Pink?) another is Robin Trower (is his name- not the band) (I like Robin Trower - 'Bridge of signs' ) Names of bands confused with names of members. ???

Hey -- what's wrong with Stevie Ray Vaughn??? He's no Jimi Hendrix :bow: But who is?!

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Some more absolutely genuine band names: ( Cool or just dumb? You decide.)

The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Half Man, Half Biscuit

The Chocolate Watch Band

Oingo Boingo

Carter the Unstopable Sex Machine

The Hamsters

The Urrghhh


The Homosexuals

The Wedding Present

Jackie O' Muthaf****

Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias

Scum of the Earth

Groovey Joe Poovey

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I Just Started A Band, We Couldn't Agree On A Name. I Really Liked ''The White Dove Project'' But My Colleauges Thought It To Be Redundant :afro: :afro: :afro:

Why Not The Psychodelic Tree Stumps?


1-800-Call-Sam::Hi, Are You Calling About An Injury?

Me::Nah, I Wanted To See If Sam Wanted To Play Golf Tomorrow

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