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  1. Valhalla

    need help with song lyrics

    Good Times, Bad Times (Led Zeppelin) I'm So Tired (The Beatles) A Day in the Life (Also the Beatles) I'll give you lyrics if you want them.
  2. Valhalla

    Songs with singer's other than band's lead singer

    I just remembered: -- Robby Krieger sang a large part of Running Blues for the Doors -- Meg White sings Cold Cold Night for the White Stripes -- An entire school choir sings the chorus of Another Brick in the Wall for Pink Floyd -- Dee Dee Ramone sings Warthog for the Ramones That's all I got for now.
  3. Valhalla

    Songs with singer's other than band's lead singer

    Well, Mick Jones sang Train in Vain, and Paul Siminon sang Guns of Brixton (both for the Clash, but both were in the band) if that counts.
  4. Valhalla

    Best musical decade (in the last century)

    I forgot to mention, if anyone says the 90s, they will be shot (only joking admin.)
  5. Valhalla

    Best musical decade (in the last century)

    As great as the 60s was, the 70s had great classic rock, and the birth of punk with the British invasion. :guitar:
  6. Valhalla

    Greatest Album?

    1. Tommy (The Who) 2. Led Zeppelin III 3. Sargeant Peppers (The Beatles) 4. Led Zeppelin IV 5. London Calling (The Clash (Dark Side of the Moon rules too)
  7. Valhalla


    They're starting to gain popularity, but Jet is great. They've made one album and it's called Get Born. It's quite good and is worth a listen by any rock fan.
  8. Valhalla

    best MUSIC BASED movies

    1. The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff) 2. Tommy (The Who) 3. Almost Famous 4. Oh Brother Where Art Thou? 5. Spinal Tap
  9. Valhalla

    Pulp Fiction

    The theme song to Pulp Fiction rules.
  10. Valhalla

    Band Names

    Page is my favorite guitarist although Jimi is probably the best. I do however think either Pete Tonshend or Eric Clapton goes three. :guitar: I'll start a new thread about this. By the way, The Sloppy Meateaters?
  11. Valhalla

    Nickel Creek

    I just want to say, getting back to Kazaa, one of the first posts on these message boards, that I now have a very good example of why file sharing sites should not get shut down. When Carl recommended Nickel Creek, I decided I'd give them a listen. When I did, using kazaa, I liked them very much. This morning went to Tower Records and bought Nickel Creek (their first album [it's unbelievable]). Now did that hurt the recording companies and the record stores, or did it help them? Thanks again Carl.
  12. Valhalla

    Eddie From Ohio - one of my favorites!

    I can't stand Ani DeFranco. Her lyrics are really good, as is her guitar, but I hate her voice. I will check out Eddie From Ohio though Sara.
  13. Valhalla

    North Wall

    I can't find them on kazaa, you probably are the only one with it. If you have aol instant messanger or aol, you can im me at joeyramonesgod when you're online. That way I can listen to some of their stuff.
  14. Valhalla

    Nickel Creek

    Nickel Creek is soooo good! I want to get one of their albums! Everyone should give them a listen. Their website is www.nickelcreek.com.
  15. Valhalla


    My brother, has some friends who just graduated from Stuyvesant highschool in New York City. During highschool, they formed a band called MugWump. MugWump is basically six or seven people who are extremely good at their instruments who got together and started a band. They play funk music and are extremely good. I'm sorry I have no additional information about them at the time of this post, but I couldn't wait to get the word out on MugWump. I will post again on MugWump when I have more info. Give them a listen!