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  1. i dont like rap but im not syaing that its crap. there are a lot of those out there who do and i respect that. I have given rap a chance and its just not my type of music. Now i like outkast but thats about it.
  2. I agree 3. God to liten to when have a headache thats awesome i think i will try that lol,
  3. picture of my Oklahoma home would pretty lame, I think. I used to live in Illinois which is still my home cause i go there every summer to see my dad. Ill find some
  4. If you cant wait and want it now you can go to www.cdnow.com and pick up a copy pretty cheap.
  5. No he hasnt signed a major record label yet i dont think
  6. Really do they sound like the Foo Fighters? I will check em out
  8. YES the album is good and "Cold HARD Bitch" is a pretty good song
  9. OH GOOD, Everyone can i have your attention lease dA mAnDa Likes Val Emmich my job here is done. LOL, actually its not because i need the rest of you to like him too. Check him out ya'll. His music is good. Ladies he is cute and plays good music how much better can ya get.lol
  10. He did a cover on Texas Flood too and Superstion and it was pretty cool. Check out his cd "One Night Stand" its really hard to find but when you do you will not be unhappy with the purchase. I wasnt anyway. Yeah, Luthien I know SILLY ME.
  11. Thats awesome. I knew that greenwheel came from St. Louis. Its really cool that ya'll have some of the same friends. They are really good! Is there a way we can check out your music on a website somewhere
  12. Ms. Luthien i am very interested in blues. They sound great thanks for the help!
  13. hmmmm there are many good lists
  14. Actually I would like to be able to travel with bands and whatever job that i could do that with would be awesome. I have also wanted to go around and find bands that are unnoticed and then it be my job to get them noticed.
  15. EDddie and the Cruisers is AWESOME! Blues Brothers School of Rock(COol movie) This is Spinal Tap my dad made me watch it this last summer it was great. Tommy by The Who
  16. Isnt that just about every woman in the music business. I dont listen to pop but here is a pop singer i have some respect for Michelle Branch. She's pretty and she wears clothes that actually fit her. Plus she can atleast play an instrument and writes her own music with a little help im sure but still thats a lot better than britney S., christina A., or jessica S.
  17. thanks all great songs this will be an awesome cd. I would have thought of some of these songs. Thanks again
  18. Yeah I might put some Hendrix on there. I have AC/DC Back in Black. I mean older stuff Then Ac/Dc. LIke the Beatles and stuff like that. Thanks Hendrix and Led Zepplin. I think I might make two. I love Hendrix and Zepplin.
  19. I want to make a cd of nothing but the classics but im having a hard time choosing which songs can make the list there are too many great songs. What do you think? i want it to be really good. I want it a wide variety of all the great classics. Which songs do ya'll think should make the cd. Thanks for the help!
  20. what do you play? Whats the bands name? Are ya'll any good?
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