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In anticipation of the new album, slated for release on September 19th and entitled "etcetera", we have released one of the new songs as a free download from our bandcamp site.

Here is the video for "Can You Smell That Burning Noise?"

It's already getting some really positive feedback, been played on the BBC... :sing1:

Have fixed link, I hope. Thanks, Edna

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Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks to all for your positive, enthusiastic comments. :-)

Katie Hopkins is... she has somehow managed to carve herself a niche on TV morning chat shows as the token "all opinion, no intellect" snobby cow, and has a regular opinion column in the Daily Mail. She's a total viper but with neither the wit, charm nor intellectual substance to carry it off. She is a mouthpiece for spite, effectively.

To be honest, the song isnt really about her as such; but by adding the "Katie Hopkins in a human form" refrain towards the end, I can see how it gives that impression.

The lyric is more an observation of how the right-wing establishment media contemptuously views we ordinary people - "the great unwashed" - when we have the audacity to express any sort of opinion / discontent, as if we were guilty of having ideas above our station.

Maybe its a peculiarly British thing?

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Thanks for acquainting me with Katie Hopkins, B-F. From what little, I've seen, she seems to be the British equivalent of Anne Coulter in the United States in terms of the controversial opinions she expresses. While I find her and Anne Colter odious creatures, it never ceases to amaze me that the news outlets continue to provide platforms for them to express their repugnant views. Perhaps if we all stopped responding to their idiocy, they would simply disappear.

Catchy tune, by the way.

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The new FLIES ON YOU album has been released!!! :happybanana:

It has already received some fantastic reviews, which I really must share with you all at some point. :partytime1:

Competitively priced at £5.

You can download "etcetera" here: Flies On You "etcetera" download

If you want the album on CD, no problem; although the shipping costs may be alarming if you're outside the UK. :o

Flies On You "etcetera" CD

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