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The Songfactor's Choice Top Albums of the Decade: The '90's


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I called OOT a critical darling because it won R.E.M. an a$$load of Grammy's and got them big time mainstream attention.

I know, I was a critic by then... :laughing:

In the early 80s I was a fan of R.E.M. They only had one album and we wanted to bring them to our music TV show... but somehow it didn't work and they didn't come. By then we only worked with underground or avant-gardebands... or famous ones but NOT mainstream. That's why we refused to have bands like U2 (plus we hated U2)

It was funny seeing how "integrated" and mainstream they became 10 years later...

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Maybe true (I like Get in the Ring though, when I'm in a fighting mood. I listen to it while playing Wii Boxing :P )

Estranged and Civil War are great songs though and makes that whole album. I dont care much for any of their covers however.

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Yea, I guess for me both Use Your Illusion albums are hit and misses. Like a each track is either a really good song, or it's a terrible song, in my opinion.

I mean, "November Rain" is one of my favorite songs ever. It was in my PTT if I remember. And I love "Civil War" and their version of "Live And Let Die" and "Yesterdays", those are all really really good songs. But then there's "Back Off Bitch" and "Coma" and "Don't Damn Me" which kind of kill it for me.

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But then there's "Back Off Bitch" and "Coma" and "Don't Damn Me" which kind of kill it for me.

Those are 3 of my favorites from that album. I even karaoked Back Off Bitch last week. (I was so terrible all the patrons and bartenders went out for a smoke while they waited on me to finish).

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Supernatural - Santana (1999)

Track listing:

1. "(Da Le) Yaleo" (S. Ra, Carlos Santana & C. Polloni)

2. "Love of My Life" (Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews)

3. "Put Your Lights On" (Everlast & Santana)

4. "Africa Bamba" (Ismaïla Toure, Sixu Tidiane Touré, Carlos Santana & Karl Perazzo)

5. "Smooth" (Music by Itaal Shur & Rob Thomas; Lyrics by Rob Thomas)

6. "Do You Like the Way" (Lauryn A. Hill)

7. "Maria Maria" (Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis, Carlos Santana, Karl Perazzo & Raul Rekow)

8. "Migra" (Rafi Taha, Carlos Santana & Tony Lindsay)

9. "Corazón Espinado" (Fher Olvera & S. Fher)

10. "Wishing It Was" (Eagle-Eye Cherry, Michael Simpson, John King & M. Nishita)

11. "El Farol" (C. Santana & K. C. Porter)

12. "Primavera" (K. C. Porter, J. B. Eckl, Cheín García Alonso)

13. "The Calling" (Carlos Santana, Chester Thompson, Freddie Stone, Linda Graham)

14. "Day of Celebration" (Bonus Track)

Wiki Link

I have been a Santana fan since High School. This Album has a lot of featured artists that were very popular for the time. A couple of the songs on this album I still listen to on a regular basis. Santana is one of those artists that grows musically with the times.


Grace-Jeff Buckley (1994)

Original Track Listing

1. "Mojo Pin" (Jeff Buckley/Gary Lucas)

2. " Grace " (Jeff Buckley/Gary Lucas)

3. " Last Goodbye "

4. " Lilac Wine " (James Shelton)

5. "So Real" (Jeff Buckley/Michael Tighe)

6. " Hallelujah " (Leonard Cohen, arr. Jeff Buckley)

7. "Lover, You Should've Come Over"

8. "Corpus Christi Carol" (Traditional/Benjamin Britten)

9. "Eternal Life"

10. "Dream Brother" (Jeff Buckley/Mick Grondahl/Matt Johnson)

Wiki Link

Grace is the only complete studio album by Jeff Buckley, released on August 23, 1994.

He was the son of Tim Buckley, also a musician.While awaiting the arrival of his band from New York, he drowned during a spontaneous evening swim—fully clothed—in the Wolf River, when he was caught in the wake of a passing boat. His body was found on June 4, 1997.

He had such a beatiful voice and was another gifted and talented artist that passed long before his true potinal was realized.

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in no particular order:

something by Blur (my favourite would be 'Modern Life Is Rubbish', but Parklife, The Great Escape or 13 would work too)

Urban Hymns ~ The Verve

Different Class ~ Pulp

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space ~ Spiritualized

Moon Safari ~ Air

something by PJ Harvey ('Rid of Me' or any other of her 90s albums)

something by Björk ('Post', 'Homogenic' or 'Debut')

Dummy ~ Portishead

Blue Lines ~ Massive Attack (or 'Mezzanine')

Foo Fighters ~ Foo Fighters

Clandestino ~ Manu Chao

Electro-Shock Blues ~ Eels

De La Soul Is Dead ~ De La Soul

...and I've probably forgotten some good other ones :P

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The other ones I considered:

"Fashion Nugget"- Cake

"Siamese Dream"- Smashing Pumpkins

"Cowboys From Hell"- Pantera (though I'm not sure how much metal appeals to everyone here)

"Superunknown"- Soundgarden

"Live Through This"- Hole

"The Bends"- Radiohead

Not including all the albums that have either already been nominated or that Farin just listed.

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