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Favorite instrumentals


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What are your favorite instrumental songs of all time?

My absolute favorite instrumental is "Orion" by Metallica.

My other favorites are:

"YYZ" - Rush

"Jessica" - Allman Brothers

"Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter Group

"Jordan" - Buckethead

"Moby Dick" - Led Zeppelin

More I could list, but it would take up too much space.

What say you all?

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blue in green | miles davis

the call of ktulu | metallica

summer madness & winter sadness (2 different songs that are quite similar) | kool & the gang

mutual slump | dj shadow

within waves | santana

on the dub-ble | dj krush

in a sentimental mood | duke ellington & john coltrane

east hastings | godspeed you black emperor

That's all I can think of at the moment, but there are many others.

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(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth - Metallica

Any Color You Like - Pink Floyd

Green Onions - Booker T

Whale & Wasp - Alice in Chains

Eruption - Van Halen

Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson

Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani

Lights Of Manos - Orianthi

Bonzo's Montreaux - Led Zeppelin

Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd

Third Stone From The Sun - Jimi Hendrix

Almost anything by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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I collect some Smooth Jazz and Orchestral Pop/Easy Listening, which is all instrumental. There are also the movie scores I sometimes get. Some favourites include films scores by Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani, Nora Orlandi, as well as Space Age Orchestral Pop by Bert Kaempfert and Ray Conniff (the father of Elevator Muzak :cool: ).

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Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon - Flaming Lips (I LOVE the whole Yoshimi album)

Flying - Beatles

Pet Sounds - (I really like Brian's live version from the Roxy show)

Batman / both The Who and The Jam.

Anything by Booker T.

Wedding Cake Island - Midnight Oil

lots more...

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