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Things You've Never Done

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Procreation's good!

If not, both of us wouldn't be here posting interesting thoughts on a universal website.

If you never get married or never have kids then what would have your grandmother said while giving birth to your mom?

What would your possible child's son or daughter claim?


1. I've never found the fountain of youth

2. I want to live for ever

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I thought bungee jumping was skydiving without a parachute! (yet with a rip-cord)

I also thought that a cell was an organism and NOT a phone!



1.I've never chopped down a perfectly good Cherry tree.

2. I've never had a chance to clean George Washington's teeth.

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Growing up and living most of my life in Dayton, Ohio, having been on WPAFB many times being very curious about it; I have never glimpsed personally, met anyone, or spoke to anyone who ever knew anyone else who had seen, passed nearby or could even verify an "Area 51" at Dayton Wright Patt AF Base that supposedly contains all the goverment secrets about its contacts with extra-terrestrials.

I've never owed a pure-bred dog.

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What is a leprechaun's true profession?*

A MuzikTyme Tshirt who answers that correctly.

See? I have a lot of Muziktyme Tshirts.

Because no one knows the answer or a few that do that won't answer because they wouldn't be caught dead in a MuzikTyme tshirt. ;)

Anyone that hasn't seen a MuzikTyme Tshirt is missing something...Try to imagine:

MC Escher meeting Salvador Dali on the way to Hieronymus Bosch's house before they went to Ron Wood's party !

Not many loyal 'Stones or Stewart fans know what a master artist Ron Wood is.

Those that do are most likely artists, too.

*A leprechaun's true profession is a cobbler (shoemaker).

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