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Who is that?


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Oh, I know... You mean Doug Fieger, from The Knack. He wrote "My Sharona" for that woman... I read that on Songfacts soon after the song made the Top -first Top, first #1- ...years ago.

But that´s a sort of one-hit wonder... they´re not often on our Top, Lee... :cool:

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No, just the very first #1 in the very first TT ever. Not prominent enough for you?

:laughing: :laughing:

Yes, you´re right... :cool:

Ok, so I posted someone who actually doesn´t look very much like himself... the picture isn´t quite good. So here´s a hint: he´s a legend. And he´s in trouble right now.

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In regard to the misfortune that pertained to Phil Spector and his bizarre way of handling women to leave his presence in his "mansion on a hill."

I truly feel that justice has been served; regardless of my admiration of the many accomplishments that he has achieved in his sixty-two +years.

What a waste.

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