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Who is that?


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Is this the most famous example for a famous song called I´m A Loser? :shades:

I know, I´m being cruel... :P

Well, yes he is, I´m afraid I gave a big hint... cause I don´t have the time to find a new one so I´ll let someone else answer...

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The guy on the right looks very familiar. I know he's from a famous band (I think) :D ...Joe Perry?

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't expect anyone to get the guy on the right. When I say he was a bit famous, I mean a tiny tiny bit. The guy on the left is the bona fide Rock God.

Perhaps I should post a picture of his statue?

Maybe another clue... Seeker was kind of close... this guy is in some ways even more Scottish than Rod Stewart.


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Well, those are all very good answers, but none are quite right. Let me recap:

Famous-for-all-time Rock God

In some ways more Scottish than Rod Stewart

Immortalised as a statue

So here's another clue... I have made the pilgrimage to his grave (it's about 2000 miles from my place).


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