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Hey, stop picking on the newbie, you two. But I'll make a deal with ya's. If the newbie doesn't PAY ME HIS DAMN LUNCH MONEY BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, then he's all yours to pick on. You can lay it on him as much as you'd like. He will no longer be under my protection.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :mad:

Getting a bit soft in his old age , eh ? :jack:

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thanks for the warm welcome guys 'the moneys on the way Miami'.

Scores so far

Farin - Ana (1 point)

MiamiSammy - Angeline (1 point)

blindfitter - Alice x3, Alison and Asha ??? (4 points)

Uncle Joe - Alison (0 points)

MiamiSammy - Alice x3 (3 points + 1 previous)

Lucky - Aimie, Amanda x2 (3 points)

cyberjudge - Angelia (1 point)

Levis - Annie x 2, Ann, Allison x 2, Ava (6 points)

blindfitter - Annalisa (1 point + 4 previous)

Levis - Ana (1 point + 6 previous)

can anybody beat Levis score 7 points up to now.

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"Annie" - Pete Townshend

"Dreamboat Annie" - Heart

"Annie, Get Your Gun" - Squeeze

"Annie Christian" - Prince

"Annie New Orleans" - Elf

"Wicked Annabella" - The Kinks

"Annabella's Song" - Everclear

"Aja" - Steely Dan

"Amanda" - Boston

"Miss Amanda Jones" - The Stones

"Crazy Amanda Bunkface" - Sum 41

"Angela" - John Lennon

"Angela" - The Bee Gees

"Angela" - Toto


:afro: :afro: :afro: :D:D

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