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    Word Up II

    Children are laughing in the sun I count the voices one by one But I'm not there to share the fun I'm out on the interstate I can hear a soft voice calling Calling me to bring my guitar home. Interstate - Neil Young next word up 'guitar'
  2. tomcefc


    well done guys and thanks. apologies to blind-fitter, as verified by Levis, Asha is indeed a girls name and his point has been reinstated. So the final scores are, in reverse order. 1 pt crazy don, edna, farin, uncle joe and cyberjudge 3 pts lucky 6 pts blind-fitter 7 pts Levis 13 pts ryansgirl and the winner is 18 pts miamisammy I am sure his rock and pop knowledge is second to none and he didn't need to resort to googling for answers.
  3. tomcefc


    thanks for the warm welcome guys 'the moneys on the way Miami'. Scores so far Farin - Ana (1 point) MiamiSammy - Angeline (1 point) blindfitter - Alice x3, Alison and Asha (4 points) Uncle Joe - Alison (0 points) MiamiSammy - Alice x3 (3 points + 1 previous) Lucky - Aimie, Amanda x2 (3 points) cyberjudge - Angelia (1 point) Levis - Annie x 2, Ann, Allison x 2, Ava (6 points) blindfitter - Annalisa (1 point + 4 previous) Levis - Ana (1 point + 6 previous) can anybody beat Levis score 7 points up to now.
  4. tomcefc


    SF has 17 song titles with different girls names in (beginning with A) for instance Annie's Song - John Denver and Angie - Rolling Stones. I'm sure there must be others
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