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The Great Funny Images Thread


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When I was shooting my friend's engagement pictures, my friend John was my assistant. He couldn't just hold the meter, so the result was this picture that I turned into an ad for my light meter. . .



The words are kinda hard to read cause of the size of the picture. It says:


Keeping light sexy


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Ten Pea...like you, my wife hates squirrels so she will appreciate this.

Oddly though, squirrels seem to be drawn to her. Once while working in our yard a squirrel leaped onto her shoulder. Her bloodcurdling scream could be heard for several miles.

At her office there's a squirrel who sits on the outside window sill and chirps at her.

They just love her and have no idea how much she abhors the sight of them.

I dare not laugh when this happens as she has little sense of humor about the subject.

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