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Thanks Edna! And thanks Zhivko for letting us have this! :grin:

btw: I like Brad's partyblow, piano, beer and partytime. Shawna: st. anger, spider and flameboy. Edna: Hearts, manicure and frenchy

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In the previous post, the last graemlin is from a site you can get many of them... :)

I know :) But since we can't have that much (we gonna get confused) we need to choose 10 to add.

Not all smileys deserve to be added.

Here are some rules on the smileys:

1. no bigger then 16px width or height

2. no background other then transparent

3. have to be connected in some way to the idea behind songfacts/artistfacts (music, trivia, artists, instruments etc.)

4. Everyone (mods, editors) can have one personal smiley that is respecting the rules above.

Here are the ones that i liked:

:cuttie: :sing1: :frenchie: :inlove: :partytime1: :partytime2: :pianist: :shocked2: :haveabeer:

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It is possible to run into error like this (server is set to reconnect the slow connections just so it doesn't spend RAM on dead ones.) It's fine as long as it's a single occurrence. The other problems that you had should all be gone now.

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