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Best male voice of all time


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I love The Who, and I think that all four original members are essential to that mix, but I am no particular fan of Roger as a singer. Can be a bit strident; some of my fave Who moments are more peaceful, and often have Pete on vocals.

But then again... "Love Ain't For Keeping" is perhaps the sweetest, loveliest of all Who songs, and I do believe that's Roger out the front, so maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about ;-)

See ya,


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Have you ever heard the version of Love Ain't For Keeping that appears on Odds & Sods? It's got Pete on vocals, and I much prefer it to the one on Who's Next (though that one's great too of course).

I was sure I'd uploaded it to youtube, but I can't find it. I might upload it later today.

EDIT: Here you go, I uploaded it: Love Ain't For Keeping (Odds & Sods)

I like Pete's voice too, by the way, up until and including Who's Next. I don't know what happened then, but it just got worse and worse.

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I'm like the majority here, hard to pick just one

Robert Plant

Mick Jaggers

Freddie Mercury

Steve Perry

Eddie Vedder

Eddie Money

Mick Jaggers

Vince Neil

Joe Elliott (Def Lepard)

Jon Bon Jovi

Bruce Springsteen

Elvis Presley

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

Sammy Hagar

David Lee Roth

Bob Seger

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GypsyRoad, you've a great ensemble, hope you won't mind my critique...

Robert Plant... sissyboy

Mick Jagger... top shelf vocalist

Freddie Mercury... one of the best of all time

Steve Perry ... wonderful, thoughtful vocalist

Eddie Vedder... down-to-earth husky voice

Eddie Money... great voice and also does tricks with his mouth

Vince Neil... hollow, very thin lyricist

Joe Elliott (Def Lepard)... mediocre at best, the soundboard was Elliot

Jon Bon Jovi... sucks... period>... well, except the perfect song, "Dead or Alive"

Bruce Springsteen... great songwriter and very intense vocalist

Elvis Presley... the greatest "performer" of ALLTIME

John Lennon.... highly overrated to the point of mass-brainwashedness. His lyrics repeated themself like aunt Elma after a night of White Castles!

Paul McCartney... One of the best singers of all time as well as the most charasmatic gents I've ever had the pleasure of being in the company with.

George Harrison...truly one of the best slide guitarists and a voice that only could be his.

Sammy Hagar...wonderful, talented lead vocalist. His demise was when Montrose broke up and he filled in for Diamond Dave(VanHagar).

David Lee Roth...the worst singer ever! But, wait, he could rock an audience with his stage presence and true raw talent! Thumb's up!

Bob Seger... a true husky voice but I can't quite escape the cornfields which he so eagerly planted.

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A few of my favourites, no particular order:

- Thom Yorke (Radiohead): a fluent, beautiful and distinctive tenor

- Liam Gallagher (Oasis): a perfect blend of brash and soulful with the "ability to hit just the right emotional chord when needed" (AMG).

- Freddie Mercury: one of the best vocalists ever with incredible range and ability

- Paul McCartney: an excellent voice with great versatility

- Tom Chaplin (Keane): another lovely tenor with "rich vocals... as vibrant as any choir" (AMG)

- Richard Ashcroft: an earnest and compelling baritone

- Jeff Buckley: a rich and majestic voice

- Roger Daltrey: at his peak, one of the best rock and roll voices

- Morrissey: an idiosyncratic English croon

- Ian Brown (The Stone Roses): a voice that is the embodiment of cool, confident detachment

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