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  1. My all time sexiest female rocker would have to be Stevie...Hands down. HOWEVER, here is a damn close second!!! Ruby Starr At about 1:40 my heart skips a beat and a BIG smile crosses my face.
  2. Maybe you haven't taken enough illicit drugs, as of yet?
  3. This is a little off the wall, but sounds great! Barney Miller
  4. This is easy. Led Zeppelin July 1973 Seattle Coliseum-Seattle, Wa. Nuff said A close second would be: California Jam April 1974 Ontario Motor Speedway- Ontario, Ca. The memories are "smokey & hazy" but Oh So Sweet!
  5. Here is my contribution to this thread: Mr. Lou Rawls You can't forget- Pete Ham I'm sure my screen name says who I think is NUMBER ONE
  6. I agree with the vast majority of the names submitted in this thread. Here is one DAMN GOOD up & Comer: Tal Wilkenfeld If she can play with Jeff Beck, she's got a future.
  7. If Avril Lavigne & Ashlee Simpson aren't on that list, it is a BOGUS list. Nuff said!
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