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  1. James Dean Bradfield for me. He turned 40 in February so I hope he can be included!
  2. Yes, it's been a hard week for us Manics fans and now they've had to cancel their gig in Thailand because of the situation over there.
  3. A troubador from the Shetland Islands, Scotland who I saw supporting Runrig in Nottingham last year. His voice has a lovely lilting Scottish accent and his songs are very good too. Website is - www.malachytallack.com I have his album Edges & Spaces and songtitles include - Conscript Let It Fall Blue Skies More Than Memories Sunset On Union Street
  4. Haven't heard those other songs so will definitely check out their Myspace page now! Been meaning to for ages!
  5. Which songs did you listen to Farin? Glad you like them!
  6. Dunno if this has been mentioned but the Manics versions of Umbrella, Pennyroyal Tea, Been A Son are better than the originals in my opinion.
  7. Tolerate was the song that got me into them! But I remember a colleague at work saying he was disappointed with Truth after EMG and everything. I guess it's just different tastes. Alot of people preferred the harder sound of the earlier stuff. I appreciate all their eras! Oh well, you can at least say you had the chance to support them even though it didn't happen in the end. Do you still play any musical instruments yourself? I expect you probably do!
  8. Been trying to get The Midnight Organ Fight in HMV for ages now, may have to order it in.
  9. One of my favourite songs EVER! Absolutely beautiful and haunting. Thanks for the breakdown of the lyrics!
  10. Nicky is a good lyricist too, I sometimes think he feels a bit under pressure because of how people feel about Richeys lyrics.
  11. Hope I'm allowed to mention singers from 80's, 90's, 00's as well on this! Mine are - James Dean Bradfield Frank Sinatra Elvis Gordon Lightfoot Jeff Lynne Geddy Lee Bryn Terfel Ian McCulloch
  12. I've never felt the obsession with Richey myself though I know alot of fans have. Obviously I respect him loads for his importance within the band and the fact that he was their friend. I'm obsessed with James Dean Bradfield, I think he's an amazing singer/guitarist and just a thoroughly nice bloke. Sean and Nicky are great too of course. All four of them have made the Manics what they are and that's why I'm looking forward to the new album so much because it will be like a tribute to Richey.
  13. I'm sure you will love them! They were great live too!
  14. Maybe one of these days you might feel like dusting it off again! Know it takes a certain mood to listen to it.The Manics do seem to have inspired and continue to inspire this obsessiveness!
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