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Best male voice of all time

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Oh man I forgot to mention one of my favorites: Paul Rodgers rocks.............

Here are some more I didn't mention:

Roger Daltrey

Tom Petty

David Lee Roth kicked butt on that solo song he did in the 80s "Paradise"

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I'm still sticking with Steve Marriot...to me, he always sounds like he really means it

He really defined a certain drawl/growl

check out his one...from 1972, here's Steve with Humble pie (their first album with Peter Frampton in the line up)

'Thirty Days In the Hole'- by Humble pie

that's one sweet snarl, babies!

Think Bon Scott might have heard this one?

listen again and see, especially during the verses

yeah, I know there are others...I just never felt the man got his proper respect (it was prolly hard to live down "Itchygoo Park""....hehehe

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Peter Hammill: His voice is very clear and powerful. When i listen his songs (with or without Van der Graaf Generator) i think that the feelings in them are true. He can sound as a very angry and sweet person at the same time:

Man-Erg (Bootleg live version)

John Lydon: His voice is the voice of desperation. When I feel angry and I can't shout around, I listen the John Lydon's voice in songs like Annalisa and he shouts for me.

Klaus Nomi: A very weird singer that could sing as a woman (he was a countertenor). Another powerful voice but in a different way. His music was very funny and, sometimes, very sad too:

The Nomi song

Lightning strikes

His amazing version of Purcell's "Dido's Lament" (DEATH)

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