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This is a group I got turned onto by a guy when I was in high school. We use to get stoned and listen to Alan Parsons Project. I really connected with their sound. Very unique considering some of the bands dominating the rock and roll scene in the 70's.

Never hitting what some would consider "big" they still had hits on the charts. "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You", "Breakdown," "Time", and "Games People Play", put them on the radio but I was introduced to them with the song "The Raven", from the Tales of Mystery and Imagination album which was based on Edgar Allen Poe writings. Which does sound great stoned...anyway, I kept listening to them through high school and into the 80's with my last album I bought being Eye In The Sky in '82.

The Alan Parsons Project was founded by Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons, from Britian and considered progressive-rock. Which is acurate, more so than some who have called them pop-rock...not a category I would place them in, doesn't fit the sound.

I still listen to them today and play them on the radio station I work for, I mean they are classic rock.

Just wanted to see if anyone else likes their sound, I felt they get lost in the shuffle of classic rock.

Band history from Wikipedia

Take a listen on youtube...

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I've never listened to one of their albums in its entirety, but I do like a lot of their music.

Eye in the Sky was big when I was growing up and I used to play Don't Answer Me over and over. Old & Wise and Ammonia Avenue are really good too, but I didn't "discover" these songs until much later.

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Sweet Jane,

I have two of the albums (both on vinyl, 8 track, and cassette). I robot, and Pyramid. Of those two, Pyramid is my fav. When that was first released my girlfriend and I (along with others) would sit in my car and blast that tape. One winters night we were parked in front of her apartment blasting the tape with windows rolled up and a neighbor across the street (on the 3rd floor) called the cops to complain about the loud music. (must of had his hearing aid turned up to high). Lucky for the two of us, we both worked as police dispatchers and knew all the cops, we were both 20 at the time and along with the loud music we also had about 30 empty beer cans on the floor in the back seat (drinking age in Pa has allways been 21)... Ah the good old days....lol


PS/ I know its a well known fact, but I didnt see it mentioned here that AP is also a fantasic audio engineer. As can be heard on the Beatles "Abbey Road", and Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon".

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