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  1. Jim in Pa

    The Oddball Game

    We have a winner.....Nice goin
  2. Jim in Pa

    The Oddball Game

    OK, I'll have a go at it.. Glen Campbell Leon Russell Jim Gordon Brian Wilson Carol Kaye Hal Blane
  3. I started this topic because I cant think of any off the top of my head. I hope that some SF members might be able to come up with a few.... Jim
  4. Jim in Pa

    Parent & child who are both established musicians

    Steve and Dillon Howe Rick, Oliver and Adam Wakeman (of YES and Ozzie fame)
  5. The Kinks, "Lola" with the "taste just like Coca Cola" line. J
  6. Jim in Pa

    Abba took over from the Beatles

    Hows about these guys: Grand Funk Railroad. 10 gold and platnum albums in less than 5 years. 1969- 1 gold, 1 platnum 1970- 2 multi platnums 1971- 2 platnum 1972- 2 gold 1973- 1 platnum 1974- 1 gold 2- Back to back #1 singles, 1973 & 74 1971- Sold out Shea stadium in 72 hours. (Took the Beatles 7 weeks) Jim
  7. Jim in Pa

    Songlist for transition

    ok, with alittle imagination, "Hotel winslow-zona", or "Motor Cycle Momma" (if the wife (girl friend) is going too). Simon and Garfunkle's "America" fits the bill..although they dont go through Winslow.... And hey there is a song called "Hotel Arizona" by a band called 'Wilco' And I remember another just called "Arizona" by 'Mark Lindsay', circa 1970....
  8. Jim in Pa

    Songlist for transition

    Dont forget 'Born to be Wild'
  9. Jim in Pa

    Got Any Beatles Questions?

    George Martin.. Pete best could not hold a steady beat very well. Ringo, was a known session drummer, and Martin told the Beatles that he would be used on the records, and they could use Pete as they pleased live... The Beatles agreed with Martin, and Pete was out. J
  10. Jim in Pa

    Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    Yea Ron... after going through a few times, I managed to get 76 of them. I missed all the Metal stuff except Hells Bells..... I played most of those songs at one time or another in many local bands and in the studio as back up. Not having played seriously for 17 yrs, makes me want to get back into it abit. J PS: I would have included "Hotel California" and dumped a lesser known riff.. but thats my opinion...
  11. Jim in Pa

    Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    See how many of these riffs you can identify without looking at the list on his web site. Jim
  12. Jim in Pa

    Bands that Changed the Course of Music

    How bout Frank Zappa? Jim
  13. Jim in Pa


    Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Moody_Blues Jim
  14. Jim in Pa

    Woodstock Trivia Questions

    Yea Edna.. So I guess that means I cheated alittle.. Somehow I do remember alot of it.. And, Muzik... The identity of the child born there remains a mystery to this day....I still look into that subject from time to time.. What a claim to fame would that be?... Jim
  15. Jim in Pa

    Woodstock Trivia Questions

    10 for 10