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What's the most underplayed classic rock song of all time?

TW Taylor

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Share The Land ~ The Guess Who

This tune gets almost no airplay. It's always "AMerican woman" or "no sugar tonight - new mother nature" that gets played from the Guess Who.

I was absolutely giddy when I heard it on Q-92 Classics Cafe (Jane's show). I even told her too. I live in the city where they come from and that song never gets airplay! :doh:

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Another couple of songs that don't get played much up here in Canada are:

Seasons In The Sun


White Rabbit

I can imagine in some southern states (perhaps Tennessee :wink:) the song Volunteers is overplayed, but in Canada it doesn't get any airtime, just like White Rabbit. Not sure if there's a grudge there or something! :laughing:

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The following bands/artists are underplayed here in Perth:

The Who

Lynyrd Skynyrd (except for Sweet Home Alabama)


Bob Dylan

Led Zeppelin


Well, of course there are many less popular bands that are severely underplayed, but I thought these ones might surprise some people, since they could be considered overplayed in other countries.

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Megaforce~~707 (Kevin Chalfont on vocals!)

Girl Goodbye~~Toto

Love Removal Machine~~The Cult

In the River~~The Call

Downstream~~The Rainmakers

Tonight~~Shooting Star

Not Now, John~~Pink Floyd

Black Star~~Touch

Small Paradise~~Johnny Cougar (add "A Little Night Dancin'" also)

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aeries the jefferson airplane

a lot of cool bob dylan tunes like isis

stray cat blues the rollin stones

a lot of ccr wich is weird cause their pretty catchy tunes

dancing days led zeppelin

some budgie allso

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