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  1. Perhaps "We're Gonna Rock by Dave Edwards and the Look? We're Gonna Rock
  2. Loggins & Messina -- Same Old Wine L & M didn't usually get overtly political, but they did here. Fine song. Roger Hodgson was one of the lead singers of Supertramp, but his solo work was outstanding! -- In Jeopardy And finally, you can hear the Texas in Toby Beau's Westbound Train
  3. Flash and the Pan -- "Hey, St. Peter" Love this song.
  4. It's an outstanding song! And you're right, I would have posted your YouTube because that's the one I've been listening to since August of last year!
  5. I'm surprised I hadn't posted "From a Dry Camel." Good stuff, Lucky!
  6. One of my favorite Captain Beyond songs Dancing Madly Backwards
  7. KentH

    Save tonight - EagleEye Cherry

    This was the first song I thought of.
  8. Peter Frampton (with Steve Howe)--I Wanna Go to the Sun
  9. This was my first thought, though I'm surprised it's not older than '95. Perhaps "Life Is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane
  10. Fleshtones--Right Side of a Good Thing Good, fun party music!
  11. KentH

    JF Murphy's "The Last Illusion"

    Thanks for that. I was originally registered as "umpire" and asked the question. Love the song, but could never find the lyrics. I finally got a copy of the song and transcribed them myself.
  12. KentH

    Songs that you shout responses to

    We had a lot of shouted responses to "American Pie." Mostly these were about midnight in a bar, so you can imagine the intelligence that went into these responses. * We sang the "lost in space" part like on the old TV show of the same name. * After the line "This'll be the day that I die," we responded "drinking with my dumb-@ss friends." * After the lines" I met a girl who sang the blues/ And I asked her for some happy news/ But she just smiled and turned away," we would respond with "What a B!tch!"
  13. KentH

    Songs about magic!

    "Mr. Crowley" Ozzy Osbourne "Devil Woman" Cliff Richard "I'm Partial to Your Abracadabra" Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  14. KentH

    Songs about magic!

    "Magic" by Robin Thicke "You Put a Spell on Me" Various