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  1. John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, and John Entwistle.
  2. Jimmy Page. George Harrison. Robbie Kreiger. Keith Richards. Pete Townshend.
  3. How...silly...When I was younger I thought it was, "Have you ever seen the RINGS?" Haha.
  4. Plant, definitely. Some others: Mick Jagger Paul McCartney George Harrison Jim Morrison
  5. Only heard it 7 times over 4 years on my radio station. As for here: Parachute Woman-The Rolling Stones You don't hear this one on the radio.
  6. Not very at all. I live in the Carolinas.
  7. True, but there are quite a few Zeppelin songs you almost never hear or never hear on the radio. I heard "Your Time Is Gonna Come" on a radio station ONCE in my llife.
  8. Wait a second-the top 40 appears to stay roughly the same every year. The songs don't stay in the same place each year, but generally the top 40 consists of the same songs every year.
  9. Top Ten Mysterious Sightings At The Recent Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert in London, England 10. A pack of Black Dogs seen roaming the parking lot. 9. a whole lotta love. 8. A whole new generation of music plagiarism lawyers. 7. A crate of pre-squeezed lemons. 6. The ghost of John Henry Bonham 5. mescaline-flavored Ensure 4. A dog named Strider. 3. 2. 1
  10. Polythene Pam and She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. AWESOME.
  11. Beyond a doubt, Thank You-Led Zeppelin. Even if it isn't one of my favorites.
  12. When fat people go to a swimming pool. Not a recent experience, but, boy, when they jump in... PS. If you are, well, overweight, I mean no offense to you.
  13. No, it's probably a Beatles or Led Zeppelin song. Or maybe a song written in 2007-no, I hope not.
  14. Hmm...that's kind of hard. Your Time Is Gonna Come How Many More Times The Lemon Song Thank You (not a favorite, but it rarely ever gets mentioned anywhere or played on the radio) Celebration Day Out On The Tiles That's The Way No Quarter The Rover In The Light Down By The Seaside Night Flight For Your Life Tea For One Carouselambra There's certainly more though.
  15. 149 Led Zeppelin Thank You Wait a second...I thought that was the one Zeppelin song nobody ever hears about, and the most underplayed song of them all?
  16. Top 10 is always a let down, it never changes:ever. Has Stairway ever not been number 1?
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