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I've got a question about Buddy Requests... I got a buddy request a few minutes ago, and the person who sent it included a message with it. I accepted it, the buddy request message disappeared (as it should), but there was immediately a new PT, apparently started by me, containing the message from the other person in such a way that it looked like I sent that message and the PT.

I reenacted that with Martin just now, he sent me a request, I accepted it, and suddenly there was a PT from me to him, just saying "This user would like to be added to your user list", even though it was him who sent the request in the first place.

Can this feature be changed or switched off? :P

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for me this seems to be a "feature for the feature's sake" ;)

I mean I could live with an automatically generated PT when you have a new Buddy...

but really, if I want to be a Buddy with someone I have generally already talked with him/her and quite probably already have a PT open ;) so is there really the need for a new one? ;)

but especially the (random?) opening message is a bit strange...

"This user would like to be added to your user list" is at least clearly an automatically written message (aside from the logical flaw that 1. he already IS in the other's list and 2. the other person sent the request in the first place)

but the other message Fin told me about: "HI, I'm new here and just want to make some friends" is just... weird :stars:

just my two cents :)

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