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  1. Does canada really think avril is good?
  2. yea i love the holy grail but i could never get into the meaning of life, it was a little dry at first so i quit on it
  3. YEA, that episode rocked,it also had that guy from the other sister. Didn't he kill jack black's character. How did it end. Who cares Jack rocks. Wasn't kyle in high fidelity too.
  4. did they do any from west side story, i stopped watching when i saw my heart will go on. Come on there are a lot of songs better than that.
  5. I think some Stevie Wonder songs would be cool to have. Maybe you are the sunshine of my life.
  6. speaking of lohan, did yall see that skit in snl with the weed smoking robot. That was great.
  7. I'm going with al pacino and susan sarandon
  8. is stewart on startrek, because he does a great job
  9. yea it was good, when is the next book comin out?
  10. I haven't seen it but i heard tina fey from snl wrote the script, so its probably good, thats just coming out over there?
  11. good riddance by greenday, blackbird or some beatles songs
  12. les paul's are amazing, but i prefer acoustic laraveys
  13. Man obviously u haven't heard the d. Kyle can play the guitar like a mofo,can i say that, mofo. Just because they are comical, dosen't mean its not music. oh yea, guns n' roses what did they do? sweet child of mine is their only decent song and thats because of the intro.
  14. I tried to tell my friends it are you gonna be my girl was a cover, but hey if you can make the money sell out.
  15. I like waking up to the "final countdown" by europe because it is so cheazy and awesome. Actually, i like waking up to the beatles, any song
  16. I just hope they can have epic songs like "eye of the tiger" and the "final countdown" in rocky 6
  17. Thanks ill think about reading some of them in spanish.
  18. It all makes more sense when your tripping on speed and meth, i suppose.
  19. I don't but some tab websites might have sheetmusic, probably not the type of music you're looking for
  20. I agree with peart, and maybe john bonham from led zepplin
  21. Eminem is funny sometimes
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