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  1. From reading your posts Scott, I am a bit surprised that you have In Utero on your all-time best album list! I mean, I cannot deny that it was influential, but probably in a bad way. On the major scale, we had Guns n' Roses then Nirvana. Guns n' Roses played good old time rock n' roll. Shredding guitar solos, wailing vocals etc. Then Nirvana came around and now look at rock music. IMO In Utero could be on a 'Most Influential' post, but not best ever. Of course it's your opinion.
  2. If anyone has (What's The Story) Morning Glory-Oasis, listen to the first song an wonderwall. It's the exact same intro but the first song has like a CHING
  3. What In Your Opinion is the greatest all around album of all-time? Taking EVERYTHING into consideration:-Lyrics -Musical Talent -Great Songs -Influentuality(sp?) -Everything else!!! My Vote Would be for Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
  4. A good ska band are the deligates from montreal
  5. I was reading another post and Peches mentioned that he will be listening to like something mellow and change the station in case of other people coming in. Why are we embarassed by stuff like that? I mean if we like it. Right now I have one of my dad's Sara McLaughlan cd's from a while back in the first slot of my cd player(next is the Ramones so it kinda scares me sometimes!)but i don't think I would like to turn on Sarah McLaughlan if any of my friends were there. Any other's?
  6. Your favorite of these 3 great lesser known guitarists My vote is with Vai :guitar:
  7. Danielj


    I heard the cd at a friend's and other than 'Cold Hard Bitch' it is'nt all that good
  8. Danielj


    Is a 'GUITAR RIFF LIKE AC/DC'really all that exciting?
  9. I checked them out on 'LAUNCHcast' They are good
  10. I have heard about 5 songs of Steve Vai. He does'nt use vocals does he?
  11. Danielj


    Why, Thank You! I have been told I hav good judgement before.(Not Surprisingly because boh of my parents are teachers!) ::
  12. I have to agree......completely Comfortably numb: "*knock,knock,knock*time to go Is Fiona Okay? ___________IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?
  13. I doubt that anyone will ever have a voice like Robert Plant. Plant has such range and voice. Steven Tyler is a good singer but he DEFINETLY isn't a Robert Plant. Listen to Stairway and then listen to Immigrant Song. Same singer. Much different singing. Ironically enough those two songs are both amazing.
  14. It definetly seems to have helped. Lately I have seen a lot of tadpoles
  15. That would be Def Leppard's Rick Allen. He is worth mentioning. Imagine if he had both arms!! He would be hands down the best
  16. I beg to differ. Listen to the song Moby Dick on 'How The West was won' It Will Blow Your Mind! #1.John Bonham #2.Keith Moon #3.Mitch Mitchell(I find him very Underrated) #4.Nick Mason #5.Neil Peart #6.Alex Van Halen
  17. "Why ya gotta go and make me so constapated? I see the way you're pushin and a gruntin tryin to get it out" i did'nt really hear the second part but I really thought it was constapated and not complicated
  18. Danielj


    kurt cobain can't be compared to Hendrix. Read the lyrics to 'The Wind Cries Mary' Jimi Lyrics Much better than Cobain's 'I'm so hornyy that's okay my will is good' But yes he was a good musician/singer/songwriter
  19. Does everyone consider AC/DC Australian? Malcolm, Angus, Cliff, Brian were born in England and Bon Scott was born in Scotland. they met in Australia........moved back to england when they acquired Johnson. So you have Phil Rudd as an Australian
  20. Danielj


    I am 13 and have personally sworn to myself that I will never do drugs. Think of who they have killed! -Jimi Hendrix-#1 guitarist all-time(some may argue,not many) -Syd Barrett-Jim Morrison Just three of many greats who had so much more to offer. Any other Favorites who died (or in Barret's case went insane) from drug use?
  21. If you play 'I'm so Tired' backwards it says "Paul is a dead man miss him, miss him, miss him!'
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