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    Sorry CD you got your words mixed up: You meant to say " I routinely come up to Canada to get schooled in the game of hockey" Come to Cape Breton. There is where you will see a good old rough hockey game.
  2. Changed it back to good old CAPE BRETON ISLAND
  3. Danielj

    Best Scenes

    Holy Crap I forgot! Billy Madison Rules!! OLD MAN: It's poop on fire again!AHHHHHHH BILLY: Oh My God!!! He called the SH*T Poop!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. I heard "Bittersweet Symphony" today. It was class
  5. For me I would have to say either... Old School or Rat Race or Eurotrip or American Wedding
  6. Danielj

    Holy dingo crap!

    That is pretty worthy of "holy dingo crap"
  7. Danielj


    Of COURSE it does.........
  8. Danielj


    WOW. You are a NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! That's crrazy.Congratulations . I like tennis too. Just there is no organised stuff over here.
  9. Danielj

    Best Scenes

    I saw that movie but what happens at the start? My favorite, From "School Of Rock" Theo: We're really taking Battle Of The Bands Seriously this year...your fired. Dewey:Good 'cause I really need the money now no offence Theo, but your lyrics are Lame. "They argue for a bit then Dewey..." Dewey: Good, 'cause I don't need you guys, I'm gonna form my own band and you guys are gonna be a tiny little footnote on my epic arss. Walks away....turns around and boots cymbal. Dewey:I feel sorry for you guys.
  10. Danielj


    anyone here athletic??? I play soccer(we just won the Cape Breton Cup!) Baseball(we just won nothing) Badminton(Doubles-my partner and I got silver out of our school board) And HOCKEY!!!!! We won 3 tournaments this year!!!hahahahahaha Anyone have any good pump up music that I can burn a cd of?
  11. Steppenwolf Peaches, thanks. I really do love all of the Stevie Wonder songs I have heard.... i guess I just never really thought. As for other than Rock, Blues are number two. Love B.B. King and The Paul Butterfield Blues band. So On and so forth. Oh and folk. Bob Dylan rules Reggae too, I have a few Bob Marley records. I also love, whatever styles they belong to, Leonard Cohen, Van Morisson. I guess I just don't express ALL of my musical interests on these forums because as you said, they really are more "Rocker" forums. I promise you though, I will try to find more Stevie Wonder stuff and listen to it. Thanks again, Daniel
  12. Danielj

    Ozzfest '04

    No i read that somewhere. Maybe they misunderstood.
  13. I love the blues. My friends think I'm crazy. They say "If your gonna listen to old music, listen to rock!" I tell them to screw popularity and listen from the heart to what they really like. Has anyone else ever heard the B.B. King and Eric Clapton Album? Love it. The Paul Butterfield ones are good too
  14. Was Higher Ground originally by Stevie Wonder? Or was it a cover of the Chili Peppers?
  15. Okay they certainly changed after Syd went insane, but I think for the better. The Wall, Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, ALL AFTER SYD LEFT!!! They also gained arguably one of the best singer/guitarist/songwriter EVER, David Gilmour. Syd was a creative genius but they kept on going like his leave was nothing. I think they are one of the only bands to remain at their rank of AMAZING after switching guitarists and singers. Sorry if I kind of pounded your opinion but I get a bit PF defensive.
  16. I'm probably mixed up here but was'nt Brian Epstein the beatles producer?
  17. I know! My god I'd jump at any concert tix. I just payed 38 bucks for a tribute band
  18. Well I'm 13 but I suppose I have been listening to Van Morrison for probably ten years. Mom says she remembers me singing moondance when I was 4.
  19. Ozzy Osbourne and Miss Piggy singing Born To Be Wild
  20. Sweet Child O' Mine-Guns n' Roses Ruby Tuesday-The Rolling Stones
  21. Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, David Gilmour and Barry White
  22. I would be the president of some HUGE recording company and lower the prices of their cd's. And if you wore a eithewr songfacts boxers, t-shirt, or thong you get into concerts free and get free cd's. I would tour with all the decent bands and buy out crappy bands record companies and fire them all. It would be nice to see Britney Spears doing a pub concert!
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