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  1. Thankyou everyone! that has really helped an yeah im gonna move on... but not for a while! i love all of them, especially I'm Looking Through You! this is one i like at the moment - F.O.D ([bleep] Off and Die) by Green Day. Something's on my mind It's been for quite some time This time I'm on to you So where the other face? The face I heard before Your head trips boring me Let's nuke the bridge we torched 2,000 times before This time we'll blast it all to hell I've heard this burning in my guts now for so long My belly's aching now to say... Struck down in a
  2. i need a song for me, ive just found out ive been used by my girlfriend so i need a song that fits the situation! any help would be really aprichiated!
  3. i already know them! i mean bands that are alot like FNM and are not well heard of? ::
  4. i love faith no more and i was wondering if there any other bands like them? :bow:i think they are amazing!! :guitar:
  5. thanks alot ppl!! i fought of one cause that dude said GnR so i fought november rain.
  6. mike patton from faith no more has such a good vocal range! ::
  7. im looking for a love song for my broken heart? kind of like faith no more - the real thing and preferbably a rock song! thanks in advance tom
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