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  1. The last one i saw was Classic Rock'n'Roll Love Songs.i remember listening to them when i was like 5 or 6 cause my older sis would always be listening to those radio stations at night.i forgot how much i used to like those songs.For example that Elvis Presley song 'Are You Lonely Tonight?'.call me crazy but i luv that song.you gotta love the oldies.
  2. If your a metal head you should definitely see ozzfest 2004 but it might have already passed through alotta towns cuz it's almost over anywayz.but it was still awesome!hehe
  3. Can sumone help me figure out what the song meaning to slipknots vermillion pt. 2 song is?i think i got a basic idea but i wanna know.it's been bugging me like hell. ::
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