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  1. I'm pretty out of touch lately with pop culture as I don't go to see movies and have been boycotting most new bands since Brittney Spears but I have a few thought on the rest. Best Movie: Didn't see any, Return of the King I saw three times in '04 but it came out in 2003 Best CD: Feedback by Rush Best Song: "Meant to Live" by Switchfoot, bought the CD and the rest of it sucked Best Reality Show: tie, any of the ones that got cancelled were tops on my list Best Regular Show: "The Wire", HBO, still hoping this isn't the last season Best Comeback: personal, Jerome Bettis of the
  2. "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man." Bush should have a good night. For the others, I've heard Tom Delay is starting a blue states circle jerk for all the Dems that lost, however, they probably won't be able to get it started because of a fillibuster.
  3. If Stone Temple Pilots can count as grunge then it's a no-brainer, however purists might claim it has to be some band like Nirvanna or Pearl Jam in which case I would say Pearl Jam and just accepet the hatred that comes with not realizing Nirvanna's greatness. Personally, I think they SUCK.
  4. Wow, lots of points but seriously, what about "Limelight" by Rush? It's all I ever wanted to hear and all I ever hope to hear. Many other songs might make the list but for example, "Crackerman" by STP is a great song but I couldn't stand it for thirty years.
  5. I will continue my promotion of Eric Johnson that only Jayson has validated. Others on my list include Angus Young and Sir Eddie.
  6. I haven't watched it yet. I barely manage to watch "The Wire" on Sunday night since there is football on ESPN. I am looking forward to seeing the reruns this summer. I lover Teri Hatcher and the premise sounds real good.
  7. Sinatra rules all. Non dead people would include Sting and Bono. I'm listening to Jon Anderson right now and I'm real impressed. David Gilmore is one I like on songs like "Us and Them" and "One Slip". Art Garfunkel was pretty impressive also. Peter Gabriel wasn't the greatest but was so distinctive that I can't leave him out.
  8. They arn't my favorite group but they are my favorite group making music right now along with Puddle of Mudd. The first time I heard "Crawling" was like a religious experience. I bought the CD the next day; what a great band.
  9. This isn't going to make me look very good but I like, "Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson. I didn't even know she was from the TV show when I first heard it. Anyone else? Want the mpeg? It's not like I was actually going to buy the CD or anything that drastic but I did download both the song and video.
  10. "The Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanics "The Gunner's Dream" by Pink Floyd the only two songs to ever make me cry
  11. The Van Halen version of Pretty Woman that is actually considered a separate song, "Intruder", but leads right into the next. I was listening to it today in my car and the intro is better than the song. I know there were a lot of covers on Diver Down, but I think it's probably the groups best album. "Little Guitars" is brilliant and could any other group do the song "Cathedral"? Eddie did it all with one hand, amazing. Also cool to hear the Dave is now a paramedic and doing something worthwhile. I didn't like the years where everyone called him a jerk because he meant so much to me as a
  12. A troubling psycological drama could be written for Syd Barrett and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Oliver did the Doors, he might do this.
  13. No interpretation, sorry. I thought it was a thread about the Happy Mondays song. My bad.
  14. If it was only one song it would be "Limelight" by Rush. If it was only one group it would be the Beatles.
  15. I keep my CDs in notebooks that hold 24 so I have a lot in my car. What I have in the player is, Black Grape -- Stupid, stupid, stupid Enya -- Watermark Simple Minds -- Once Upon A Time Van Halen -- Diver Down Puddle of Mudd -- Come Clean Stone Temple Pilots -- Core The best one is the Black Grape. If you've never heard them, they are worth 10 bucks at the used CD place. They have the guy from the Happy Mondays but the music sounds different.
  16. There was a midget on the Safety Dance, but I don't think that's the song you are talking about; but there was a midget. Oh well.
  17. Or Ladka, that show had so many good people.
  18. No, you aren't the only one. We are trying to keep our country safe and as long as 'profiling' is not allowed we have to do these things. Personally I liked the idea that we are at war with Islamic fundamentalists (18-25 year old middle eastern guys) and we should behave like that. But every time that a 'profile' is done Tim McVey's buddies start to feel more secure. Personal note: my stepfather was searched and patted down as he went to vistit my stepsister in Hawaii. He's 84 and was in WW2, on our side. He was mad, I made fun of him, but we need to be able to define our enemy better th
  19. It's actually like how when you are driving and bumps in the road produce a sound as your car hits them. Cassette tapes have to do with magnetic fluctuations whereas vinyl albums have to do with the vibration of the stylus as it passes over bumps in the grooves of the record. Each time you play the vinyl record these bumps are worn down slightly which is a drag if you play something a lot. You will lose sound quality over time. I could stick to the politically correct line I have taken in my two posts to this thread but why. Vinyl sucks compared to CDs. Unless you are a DJ don't bother
  20. What people usually say is that vinyl sounds warmer than a CD. There is a reason for this. Much of the high frequency, 10k-20k hertz can't be captured or replayed using vinyl. Played at the same volume levels you must turn up the volume on the vinyl to reach the same decible levels as CDs. What you effectively have done is to increase the midrange and bass of the recording. If you like that sound, just take your CD, turn down the treble or higher frequencys on your equalizer and then turn up the overall volume. I spent ten years listening to vinyl then switched in '85 when CD players fin
  21. I knew I had the right idea. Either Wendy's or SCTV. Here's a worthless idiot if anyone wants to see him. [image edited as inappropriate] CCs accepted now.
  22. CD, you have to show people who Maddox is so that people will understand his greatness, Maddox rules all Now about Dave Thomas, are you talking about the Wendy's guy or the guy from SCTV?
  23. The Great Escape wasn't really a war movie but it could count since it was about POWs. If that won't work how about Full Metal Jacket.
  24. Caddyshack Night Shift Uncle Buck
  25. Cool, I know this one. At the end of Sgt. Peppers on the original album in the run-out grove they placed the phrase, "never do see any other way" along with some laughing so it would keep repeating on a turntable that would not pick up the tone arm. They recreated this effect for the CD version of the song and it repeats several times. If you were playing the original album with a turntable that would not pick up the tone arm when it reached the run-out grove you would hear the phrase over and over again and even in the sixties a stoner would get up off the couch to make it stop.
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