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  1. i dont know if this has been posted before, but what is your favorite live show that you attended? I live in the Washington DC Metro area and have seen tons of bands, but my favorite concert that I have attended was the Metallica show i went to on their current tour. This was my first tallica concert, and because i have been a fan for as long as i remember and i know the words to every song, they are like gods to me. I was in the pit, and the energy in the staduim was just insane, all the fans around you headbanging to the music and the band going nuts, their are no words to describe wh
  2. I was cleaning out my parents attic and they said i could keep whatever i found, and i found hundreds of old vinyls. Most of the records are of bands I've never heard of, but they have some beatles, zeppelin, elvis, doors, dylan, tull and even some floyd. I have all these bands' cds, and and will probably end up buying a turntable just to experience it and expose my self to the other music my parents likes. Anyways, thanks for the advice
  3. I am considering on buying a turntable and buying some vinyl records off ebay for my favorite bands. Being only 17, I have never heard a record but have heard that they have a much deeper and defined sound then cd's do. Is it worth the money? or should I stick to CD's?
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