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  1. I'm not sure if this exactly fits, but maybe Don't Cry by Guns N' Roses. Edit: Also try "Patience" by GnR
  2. I think I get around 30 WPM.
  3. That guy is really good. He's got a very original sound. Some of that had a jazz/funk bass sound to it.
  4. I live pretty close to this lake, which is Lake Lanier. Its one of the best lakes for striped bass. This is somewhere along the Chattahoochee (sp?) River. Also, I should be going here next summer on vacation. Thai land
  5. Cult of personality - Living Colour
  6. You beat me to it! So i'll give my second favorite, Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix
  7. Here`s a cool clear one For looks I would choose this one. .jpg'> And for playability I would choose this one.
  8. Robert Plant: The feather in a circle. His symbol was in a book called "The sacred symbols of Mu." John Paul Jones: The 3 ovals in a circle. Most likely represents unity and family. John Bonham: The 3 interlocking circles. Probably represents Man, Woman, and Child. And finally Jimmy Page's 'Zoso'. Jimmy Page is the only one who knows exactly what it means. He told Plant once, but he forgot. Hope this helps.
  9. I heard a song today that I just can't place. It had a sad arabian sound. Maybe by the Rolling Stones? I wish I could be more specific but that's about all I know.
  10. I saw something like this a while ago, the acting was bad. It just looked to fake, I couldn't get into it. I'll probably watch this anyways, surely it won't be as bad as whatever I saw.
  11. Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix Lost Halo - Living Colour Cemetary Gates - Pantera One - Metallica Civil War - G&R Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath No Quarter - Led Zeppelin Roundabout - Yes Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
  12. Dave Navarro - only because his wife is really, really hot.
  13. Good question. I can't find anything wrong with them. As for a list... The Velvet Underground Nirvana STP The Beatles Iron Maiden Queen Def Leppard
  14. I've heard it. Sounded bad to me, but I wasn't a Green Day fan to begin with, so I can't really compare it. It's really catchy, in a bad way.
  15. Most any song from Pantera or Living Colour. I've never heard Pantera on the radio and Living Colour only a few times.
  16. I've been really into Pantera lately, so i'll recommend The best of Pantera. There is a good mix of heavy and sad songs on it. And it comes with a cool DVD.
  17. I have a terrible movie memory, but I think the end of Windtalkers was sad.
  18. Statesboro Blues - Allman Bros. Band Red House - Jimi Hendrix Most anything from Kenny Wayne Shepherd I'll try to think of more later.
  19. I'm sure this will sell for a lot.
  20. I dont think these are directly about heaven but... Jimi Hendrix's Angel Angel came down from heaven yesterday She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me And she told me a story yesterday, About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea And then she spread her wings high over me She said she's gonna come back tomorrow And I said, "Fly on my sweet angel, Fly on through the sky, Fly on my sweet angel, Tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side" Sure enough this morning came unto me Silver wings silhouetted against the child's sunrise And my angel she said unto me, "Today is the day for you to rise Take my hand, you're gonna be my man, You're gonna rise" And then she took high over yonder And I said, "Fly on my sweet angel, Fly on through the sky, Fly on my sweet angel, Forever I will be by your side" Also Tears in Heaven - Clapton
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