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  1. does anybody out there have an email address for ryan? or a way to contact the people who may contact him? i had the address once but i have lost it...
  2. youll have to forgive me for my ignorance, but please, dont excuse it with arrogance thanks a whole lot anyway! save it next time!
  3. i am going to learn to buy guitar. i dont have much money, and found this on the net. is this a good guitar for a begginer to learn on? if not, can somebody else help? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=guitar/search/detail/base_pid/515366/
  4. i like this too how about "forever with you" ?
  5. i scoped out my thread on needing a song and thought that was way cool you were doing something like that and than i checked this out, surely i was dissapointed. i thought what you might write would be interesting but "forever with you"? ...although the truth, thanks anyway.
  6. yes, it is "time" and the part i was talking about starts around 44 seconds in. thanks.
  7. bazooka, you know your stuff. check out that pink floyd post i have. i would have just asked you right away but i couldnt find this thread. i didnt give you much, but maybe?? i think there are background vocals with a woman, too.
  8. alright. this is real weak, but im sure someone can try and help me with what i have. i want to know this song, the tune has been in my head but i dont know many of the words, actually hardly any at all. in the beginning, there is something like what it would sound like if you tapped the front of your foot and then your heal right away afterward over and over... like a dripdrop dripdrop kind of thing, thats the best way i can describe it i guess. i think the entry may start something like "wasting away..." anybody help me?
  9. yes, youre on top of things im rusty... thanks a lot, what about this song (i know i should know this, im terrible) "here i go again on my own, goin down the only road ive ever known, like a drifter i was born..."
  10. "ohhhh he wont slow down! ohhh no!!" who sings this??!!?!?
  11. college tears people apart, somebody at home has forgotten how happy we were together and i want to help them remember, and realize how much i love them myself, can any songs ANYBODY knows help?
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