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  1. I don't like to be negative, but there's just about nothing in this post that has merit. I like Woman and Starting Over, but they aren't particularly great songs, no matter for whom Lennon wrote them. The use of profanity and "Christ" are common in art. In fact, it used to be that nearly all music and art was religious in nature and mentioned Jesu or Christ or the pagan gods. Crucifixins is a decent pun. If you can't acknowledge that, then you're too uptight. Finally, your post is almost wholly off-topic.
  2. Wait a minute... you were interviewed BY Alice Nutter? how did that come about?
  3. I should recommend Island Girl by Sir Elton John just to see if you'd actually put it on.
  4. Udo


    Oh so true. I like it.
  5. Now there's a list I can support wholeheartedly. Though U2 deserves an honourable mention.
  6. When CDs first came out they were much larger than hard drives.
  7. Years from now I will be able to say "This was the first song I learned to play on the cowbell!"
  8. I tried Audacity. It's not bad for basic stuff and it's free.
  9. The Democrats should use Robert John's "Sad Eyes" in commercials, with images of the Republicans giving their consession speeches. "Looks like it's over..."
  10. I like it. The best love poems are the simple, straight-forward, heartfelt ones.
  11. No, I totally understand that. But, from reading the poem, it seems that the protagonist really doesn't have much choice in the ending of the relationship, but may not quite understand that. The other person seems to have already moved on. Also, the several poems I've read by you tend to be from this same point of view. I was wanting to see if you'd put yourself in the other person's shoes and write their story. Take it as a challenge.
  12. It's Falling Tears by Morris Albert
  13. I like Fantasy in addition to the above list.
  14. Great concept, well written. A+
  15. There you go. Part of being an artist is making technical mistakes that editors/producers fix. Sometimes even the editors miss. Consider Steven Brust's The Phoenix Guards which contains the line "Not is the time to depart." The sentence makes no sense, until you realize that it's supposed to be "Now is the time to depart." The writer missed it, the editor missed it, and about 50,000 people wrote to the author complaining. Get over it. Seriously.
  16. Okay. I like the poem, and I like the title. I just think that they don't quite go together. If the poem were written from the other person's point of view, then the title would fit better.
  17. Udo

    Who Is He?

    It was that damn Phelps. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR
  18. Udo

    Who Is He?

    You're exactly right. I'm agnostic and being rejected or dumped by women who require a particular religion is a common theme in my life. Getting a divorce because your wife has become a born-again Christian makes you wonder.
  19. Wow, that is a great song. I mean, I liked the clip from the show, but the live youtube version is excellent.
  20. He broke on through to the other side.
  21. I like it. I like the early portion of seeing through you to your heart.
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