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  1. Mission Control, we have thyroid activity...... Missiles locked..... ZAP!! Carole, honey, you're tougher than a two dollar steak.
  2. Hey, MT, I was just saying in another thread that you haven't been around. You know what they say, speak of the ...well, never mind. Sorry for hijacking.... Carry on, music lovers.
  3. _jr_

    Good Pop

    I've sincerely thought about this for two days. There is no good pop. Well, none today, anyway.
  4. The Rain Song is beautiful. The Battle of Evermore Bron-Y-Aur Stomp The Lemon Song The Ocean Those are my favorites.
  5. _jr_

    Ozzfest '04

    I saw that as well. I think when I get to post # 666, i'll look up some strange verse and put it in.
  6. The little tete-a-tete we engaged in was hardly reason for my karma to be affected, my hair triggered friend. It was, at best, slightly amusing, considering the level of competition. :: The only person capable of disrupting my center is me.
  7. There was a face off? I don't remember shouting. Seriously, though. I'm glad that happened later in the evening. Hopefully not alot of people saw it. I'm still a little disappointed with the way I handled myself.
  8. Stevie Wonder- Fingertips. You won't regret it.
  9. Hang in there. It took the Marines 34 days, I think, to take Iwo Jima. Noah lasted 40.
  10. _jr_

    Best Scenes

    From Vacation: "That's not even a real gun" "Oh yes it is. It's a Magnum P.I." "It's a bb gun. You couldn't even break the skin with that" "Oh yes it could...it could break the skin and cause a very bad infection"
  11. I stopped watching MTV the day "Yo MTV Raps" debuted. Seriously. I didn't watch it, but I will admit I read the results in the paper this morning. I am happy to report that I honestly did not recognize a single name or song. My musical integrity remains intact.
  12. When my wife and I got married, we met in the middle of the dance floor, held each other close, gazed lovingly into one another's eyes, then Glenn Miller's "String of Pearls" kicked in and we started jitter-bugging. No one knew it was going to happen but us and the DJ. Brought the house down. Just a suggestion.
  13. I'd like to be "President of Music". First thing I'd do is fire anyone with a tie, and hire 16-18 year old kids to send me weekly reports on what's hot at their school. I'd make it mandatory to wear concert tees on friday. Mostly, I'd pay attention to the music, something that doesn't get done today. And if I couldn't do that, I'd like to be the guy that holds the flash light as the band goes on stage.
  14. _jr_

    Ozzfest '04

    You're kidding, right?
  15. Aerosmith (11 times) some good, some great, some terrible KISS (6) Always good. Ted Nugent (5) Great energy, too distorted at times Iron Maiden (4) see above Van Halen (3) Eddie rules, Dave bites. Judas Priest (2) Didn't care for them either time. * Some of these acts were at the same show. Priest was opening for Kiss, etc. Onward Rush A clinic for drummers Accept german metal. Motley Crue (2)a fun show both times. Vince neil is awful, though Heart (2) first one great, 2nd one terrible Santana double billw/ Heart at Red Rocks in Colorado. Sweet Madonna Best sound Cheap Trick A lot of fun Neil Young bizarre, to say the least Thin Lizzy Saw them at the first Monsters of Rock, in 83. There were 8 other bands there, and Lizzy blew them all away. Top notch show. Meatloaf Blue Oyster Cult The Bangles Boston Whitesnake Twisted Sister WASP The Cars Dixie Chicks Randy Travis The Judds, (I'm generally opposed to them, but the wife....) Mary Chapin Carpenter Alice Cooper John Mellencamp And my centerpiece...Stevie Ray Vaughan Well, that's just off the top of my head.There are a lot of others, but I just can't remember them all. As you can see, I spent a lot of my youth going to concerts.
  16. I solved the scratching problem. I buy blank cds, then burn a copy as soon as I open a new cd. It's relatively inexpensive, and my cd collection stays in mint condition. Plus, I'm lazy about taking care of my cds, so in the long run, it saves me money, because I only spent, maybe 20 bucks for a 50 pack of blanks.
  17. That's funny. My Mom always told me that if I were a girl, I would have been named Brenda, after my Pop's all time favorite Brenda Lee
  18. Ok, this is going to be random, because quite frankly, I'm too lazy to sort it all out and make a neat list. (Which, by the way, I forget right now who did it, but there's a list up top that's color coded, sorted by category and decade. Very nice work.) Anyway, a disclaimer that these are only things from my lifetime, (1964 on), Running Back ~ Barry Sanders Concert event ~ Woodstock TV Show ~ MASH Fashion trend ~ Hip huggers. (I can't find a thing wrong with them) Fad ~ Rubik's cube. (I still have mine, and I still haven't figured it out.) Oddity ~ Evel Knevel Prettiest band ~ Poison Car ~ Toss up between the Batmobile and the Family Truckster Well, I could go on, but I'll have to ponder a bit more.
  19. Stone Temple Pilots. Heck, Chris, I'm 40 years old and I know that.
  20. Dave, but my Mom calls me David. David Earl when I'm in trouble.
  21. Luckily, though, young Gilliann isn't the type to rub it in.
  22. There's a gajillion. I've always enjoyed the theme from Hawaii 5-0. I think most associate that with the beach. You can't go wrong with "Surfin Bird" by the Trashmen.
  23. The Coasters did a lot of fun songs. Poison Ivy Charlie Brown Yackety Yak, et.al.
  24. LOL. She's gonna break him dowm, I can see it coming. Wait until Gilliann has the cd in her hand and Scott has to wait another 24 hours. Carl and Sara should go ahead and set up a forum right now just for that.
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