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  1. No more clues? Edison Lighthouse?
  2. Rats. the Lemon Pipers have five members. Oh well, too late now. That's ok, I have another guess. I'll just have to wait.
  3. I also want to say the Lemon Pipers, but I think that was earlier. Well. The Shocking Blue or The Lemon Pipers. Those are my two guesses, I suppose.
  4. Is it The Shocking Blue? I can't tell if that's a girl in the back or not.
  5. _jr_

    LIVE 8

    You know what? I thought I heard Pete playing lead.........nah, couldn't be. LOL.
  6. Interesting. You have some fine guitar work there. I don't understand why you insist that speed = greatness. Speed is a nice tool to possess, but it in no way makes one a great guitarist. let me ask you this...do you think Angus Young is a great guitarist?
  7. I've never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives, or Sex and the City. Or the Simpsons. Or a reality show. (With exception of a couple of episodes of Ozzy)
  8. _jr_

    LIVE 8

    So yesterday afternoon, I shut the house up, pulled the shades, turned off the lights, and just shut down completely. No thinking, no chores, no people. Nothing. Just sat in my big blue chair and let myself just...sink in. I needed the break. So, I did something I rarely ever do...watched tv. I mean, for like, 4 hours straight. I originally intended to find a ball game, but I got to MVT, and it was the very beginning of Live 8. I thought "Perfect. The last thing I want to do is think about anything. I can just veg here and listen to some music. Which is what I did. Turns out, as a bonus, it was commercial free, with not a single host or vee-jay in site. I truly, truly, sank into my chair and just listened to the music. I needed the escape, and music gave it to me. I never turned the channel. I watched bands I would never dream of ever buying. Here are some thoughts: Michael Stipe has true presence I actually enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas. They had good, positive energy. Snoop Dogg, I don't get it. They bleeped him 23 times in one song. (I counted) Art? I think not. Stevie Wonder, oh man, I'd actually go see him in concert. He's great! Pink Floyd. Roger Waters seemed very excited to have a crowd in front of him again. Anyway, just thought I'd share that.
  9. Well, if anyone thinks it was done in a malicious manner, then I'll change it, Scott. You turd.
  10. RATS!!! I just came here to do that, only with that American Idol show. Chris, you %$#@1!!!, you beat me to it!!!
  11. That could be said of a lot of movies. Bands, too.
  12. they should get that Extreme guy. Did wonders for Van Halen. LOLOLOL.
  13. We here at SF are always getting people coming in here with school projects. Most times, we help out, because the kids are usually pretty polite. I think it's cool that they get to use music as a learning tool. Sigh. Just part of being a Songfactor, I suppose.
  14. Lambchop!! I'll give you a dollar if you post in one of the game threads.
  15. I haven't turned the tv on today. The last thing I watched was Baseball Tonight. Yesterday.
  16. Seriously. Do the Charlie Brown one. There are no lyrics. Just walk up to the mike and stand there the whole time it's playing. Maybe tap your foot. Guarateed standing ovation afterwards, and you'll be the one part of the ceremony no one will ever forget.
  17. Sure it does. When you had that moment when you realizedmusic was important, and meant something, heck yea, I'd say that would count.
  18. Since this is in the classic music forum, it will probably pertain to mainly the ..ahem....more 'mature in years only' posters. But it's not exlusive to just that crowd, though. Anyone can post their thoughts on the subject. My question is this....when did it dawn on you that "man, today's music sucks!!" Now, that is not at all what I am inferring. What I'm getting at, is when did you grow away from what was on the radio, and start leaning more and more on what you already knew you liked? I read a quote somewhere, and I wish I knew who said it, so I could cite the person, but in essence, they said "When you turn 30, music starts to suck." In my case, it was probably around 26-27 years old for me. That's when that rap and grunge and stuff showed up. I finally gave up and programmed my radio for the classic rock and easy listening stations. Anyone else? Keep in mind, this isn't a thread to thrash today's music, rather to share with us when you began to 'not relate so well' to the music that was coming out.
  19. Captain Scarlett, man. He came on right between Spiderman and Ultraman. Every day after school, while I laid on the floor and supposedly did my homework.
  20. anyone remember this guy?:
  21. You know your career is over when.....
  22. Great. Replace one egomaniac with another.
  23. _jr_

    LIVE 8

    I happen to know this is a lie. ChrisWaters has no friends.
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