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  1. Well now.....I'll be leaving Songfacts now. I've seen everything.
  2. Those are the ones I've seen in concert. Apocolyptica? You know, I've heard some of their stuff, and it seems to me that they can't make up their mind what type of band they are. It's not really a blend of different types of music. They're either playing metal, or something that's almost symphonic. At least what I've heard of them, anyway.
  3. I think the parents doing the hollering are over-reacting. It's done, it's over. Let it go. It was one word. If these parents don't think their children have never heard it before, they're not doing a very good job of parenting to begin with. They are out of touch. My kids are 10. I know they hear the 'f' word at least 20 times a day, especially my son, as he hangs around with boys. That's what they do. They play ball. They play in the creek. They cuss. They don't, however, hear it in this house, from their parents. All you can do is teach your children what you believe to be a decent way to live, and hope they follow your example. That's not to say I don't agree with Sue, though, because I do. There has to be some sort of limit on what filters through and gets into my living room on the TV.
  4. :rockon:Speed =Greatness
  5. This from the one who stopped reading children's books long ago.
  6. 8 Foot Sativa? That's got to hurt.
  7. Hhhmmm...maybe because it's a good story? If it was crap, people wouldn't read it. Look at how Stephen King's sales have dropped off. You write crap, and evenyually, people won't spend money on you. I've never read one, simply because the whole witchcraft/magic spells stuff isn't my particular interest. My kids have them all. They're geeky nerds like their dad. They know the importance of reading, broadening their horizons. They can read whatever they're interested in.
  8. They've been down the beach for over a week. I talked to them every night, and they both reminded me every time. LOL. They got home this afternoon, and they're about to die. as far as who reads it first, that's Luke. Juli said she wants to read the last one, and hit the ground running for the new one.
  9. I was thinking Dave Gilmour.
  10. I know two ten year olds who have been reminding me for a week that our reserved copy is only good until close of business Sunday.
  11. Kimba!! Of course. Used to come on with Marine Boy, The Banana Splits, Speed Racer.
  12. Wow!!! I saw these guys in concert!!! No lie!!
  13. Oh man. Now I will always see edna like that. Thanks a bunch.
  14. Be on the lookout for KISS playing cards, then.
  15. _jr_


    You know, I could have typed this. (instead, I quoted it)
  16. RCGirl, what the heck is that thing in your avatar?
  17. I prefer Sinatra's version of Swinging on a Star. Of course, I prefer Sinatra's version of pretty much anything.
  18. _jr_


    Buuuuuurrrrnnnn!!!!!!! She got you.
  19. Trek of the Penguins. A small budgeted film about the 70 mile trek Emporer penguins make every year in Anarctica. I have been reading about it. It's only on 74 screens in America, but, per screen, it is outselling every other summer release. War of the Worlds, Brad Pitt movies, all of them.
  20. Would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar? I love that song.
  21. I just read in the paper today that the hurricane that just passed through righted a sunken ship down in the Keys. I forget the name of it. The article said it is home to over 160 sea creatures, and nowm sitting upright, will be a great place for divers, as when they originally sank it, it turned upside-down, and the keel was sticking up out of the water. If anyone cares.
  22. That would be "My Bodyguard", starring Christopher Makepeace. (the same kid who played Rudy Gurner in Meatballs) It also stars Matt Dillon and 'Moody', one of the bullies.
  23. Heck, I ought to get it. It seems like I'm the only one playing right now. C'mon 55, toss me some easy ones. I've got to climb back in this thing.
  24. Frijid Pink? Marmalade? I'm going to bed. G'night all.
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