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Got to interview Joan Armatrading this morning. Good way to start the day.

Today starts our  Anniversary Celebration Week !!  for Lucky and I.               Culminating into the Zenith Wednesday January 27th and subsiding into saturday... 9  Glorious years together.  

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I'm going to be on the radio!...I nominated 10 songs for "MY TUNES" on our local radio station...they picked 5 tunes from that list, and now they want me to announce each song...and say a little something for each one before it's played...I don't even remember what I nominated..LOL..I'm trying to get a hold of the station now....I'm excited about it, but I'm afraid I'm gonna sound like a dork (QUIET KEVIN!)...

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Okay here's the deal...The DJ was very nice and said that we would record the whole session tomorrow...I don't need to feel nervous, and he'll help me with what I want to say....He's very very pleased with my nominations!!!!He said he loved my choice of songs:

Dream On ~ Aerosmith

Let It Ride ~ BTO

Back In Black ~ AC/DC

Like A Hurricane ~ Neil Young

Travelin' Band ~ CCR

:rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

I'm pretty sure you can hook up to the station...I'll post the link so give it a try...I'll get the time that it will be on...and let you guys know!...Maybe he'll let me give a shout out to SONGFACTS! :cool:

WCMF 96.5

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Laurie - you should give the SF for each song a look, since you have to say something about each song first! That's an excellent source of info, you know. :shades:

Also, ask if they can roll a tape, or better yet a voice recorder (or you bring one) so you can have a recording for future... and plus because I'll most likely be in school when you're on the air. :crazy:

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Actually I did do that Joe...when I said I forgot what songs I nominated he said "lets see.... you nominated a song from New Kids On The Block and...

and then I giggled... :D

Shawna, that's a great idea...Of course I thought of doing that too.... :P

Shawna...they are recording this and then playing it on the weekend..so you might get a chance to hear it....I'll find out the exact details tomorrow.

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