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I had an amazing Christmas... with family and gifts et all... :cool: Today I'm staying home alone while my husband spends the day and the night on the mountain, playing cards and eating with his brothers and sisters.

I'd rather be home, it's cold outside... I don't drink, I don't play poker... :cool:

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Hi Edna, where did you get your little sparkling Christmas tree gif there?

that's pretty neat! I used to love to do HTML with the webtv, making up webpages.

Umm.. Keith Richards, yeah, he's a good one for sure. Nice he's still with us.. So many great guitarists have died before their day, Hendrix, Jim Croce, Dan Fogelburg...

Is he still doing Heroin? I heard he was an addict and had been on for years.....

Well, for what it's worth, happy birthday Keith Richards, you rock dude! :)

Which is your fave Rolling Stones album.. I like Let it Bleed, but there's too many to name, Sticky Fingers, etc....

When the train leaves the station

There were two _____s in my hand...

I cannot remember the name of that tune, rather a sad tune, but a good one, Factory Girl another great one...

Sympathy 4 the Devil, go listen to the words of that song.. so interesting..

Hey, who writes most of the lyrics for the Rolling Stones, or is it a collective effort.

There was a book out there about the Rolling stones early years, and wasn't there a member who died early that was in the Rolling Stones...his name ALSO escapes me..

Oh, well, early AM here... Happy Holidays everyone.

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Ironic that my second daughter was born on Valentine's day. Next Sunday, 02~14~10, would've been her tenth birthday.


You've taken small bites around the edges of that bisquit for awhile now, MT. It might be cathartic for you to write out the entire story of the tragedy that visited your family. It is not my place to put any kind of demand on you to do so, but just speaking as a site friend, it seems you have other friends here who would be very supportive of your efforts to find healing through sharing with us, in a manner you might employ while sitting down with a close friend, eye to eye.

It doesn't have to be a poem nor any kind of writing form, but it is possible that publishing the story of your losses in a Creative Writing thread will help you to move on - and perhaps even up - with your life; and maybe be an inspiration to others who have experienced similar circumstance.

But only if and when you are ready to do so. No pressure at all to share, friend.

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You've taken small bites around the edges of that bisquit for awhile . . .

That is completely profound, S2V. You hit the nail on the proverbial head though the biscuit I'll probably be nibbling on for the rest of my life.

It's not something I want to do and surely it's not something I want to bring to the boards, though I unintentionally do.

Apologies rendered for my carelessness in being a bit dramatic. It's just that sometimes I forget that I'm on a forum board with lots of people reading my posts and thinking, "WTF?"

The people that are reading this can be assured that Ron, (Steel2Velvet) is a true friend and talented poet/writer as well as, in my eyes, vital to the Songfacts forum boards.

S2V, you RRROCK!!!!


I may do a lot of peculiar things but I don't lie.

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I have been passed over for Lenny Brisco again! Damn it!! There is a chance I will be getting my shift moved to daytime hours. 6am to 2pm Mon-Fri, weekends off. The only thing that would suck for me would be having to get up at 430am every day. We will see....

Wait a minute.......Lenny Brisco is dead! I dont think I want his job!

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I discovered Lenny Brisco has joined the choir invisible....
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