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  1. speaking of which, did you ever notice no one ever covers Jethro Tull's songs either? I've seen him in concert, man, he's good! Wow, what a great band.. Traffic is another band I craved in the 60s/70s.... Steve Winwood really knows how to write a song. paper sun.. that's not a really well-known song, but very interesting... anyway.. I tried one time to sing Locomotive Breath on Karaoke night..wow, that was a hard song to sing.. I love his songs though... definitely a Tull fan.. and who BESIDES, Traffic, could infuse FLUTE, of all things, into a rock n Roll band? Chris Wood, he was a great flute player, he played sax too. . too bad he died! I had a mad crush on him.. what DID he die of anyway?
  2. I've not hardly been able to hear it much on the country radio stations, myself, which is driving me MAD! I am entranced by this song, the style, the different way it's played, not really "country" but more nostalgic, and the word captivated me from the start. It reminds me ALOT of the songs that were written in the 60s, very sentimental and full of emotion, but yet, sort of vague in a way.. writing about his brush with love, unsuccessful, but heart-stirring at the same time. He's really come far as an artist, in my opinion. I expect great things from him in the future. He seems pretty grounded too, on the album cover, there's a number he wants his fans to call to let him know how they like the album! That's pretty modest of him, I think! Anyway, try find it on the radio, if you can.. I'm not sure why they are not playing it much lately....
  3. I know he's a democrat, but why would he ask McCain to stop playing his songs? I find that a bit disturbing. I'm a democrat but campaigned alot for McCain for his pres race. I'm sorry he lost.... But.. it's possible that mellencamp could win, is he NOT doing any music now? hmmm... funny who's in our government now.. the CA govt was a big time movie star and muscle building winner... didn't we have a big wrestler out of MN? Interesting... I swear, the way things are going in our country, we'd be doing better having Paris Hilton running our country.. At least her family knows how to run a successful business!
  4. Piano....? I like to play music, along with listening to it. It's so fun.. but it's a hassle trying to find good website that have GOOD tablature... Gosh, I am trying to also find free tablature for piano, as I love piano music too. well, the rolling stones got some really good piano work on their albums as do the Doors, boy that keyboardist ROCKED, and so did his drummer! funny, the guitarist of the Doors wasn't that great....I don't even know his name... but it all worked! I miss that group... And Elton John.. wow, he's got great piano tunes as does Billy Joel, Emerson lake & palmer, oh, the list is so long! can you tell i'm a piano fan? hehehe our dad played the piano and was pretty good at it...so it was something I listened to alot as a kid.... well if you've fallen onto any good websites for that type of thing, or even forums.. Nice ones, like this one please.... egads.. once i entered a drum forum and the people there were just HATEFUL! I'm glad we got good moderators here, it' makes it so pleasant!
  5. why did they think Brian Jones was murdered btw? Oh, i was just reading an article not long ago, that claims Jimi Hendrix might have been murdered too. saws that he didn't trust his manager at all, at the time of his death...
  6. I don't understand this. The man who tries to light, well, he DID light a explosive charge, i.e. firecracker or something explosive when he landed on Flight 253 in Detroit, on December 25th?? The officials in Amsterdam, are they being questioned as to why they did not just detain him? Cuz he's been on the suspicious person list for some time I just heard. oh, this freaks out.. Al-kaida is back in town again, and he choose Christmas day in the midwest of all times to do this crap! They've been predicting bad storm in the midwest for a week now, I bet that was the impetus.... Sometimes I think we need to keep our business to ourselves honestly. it keeps you alive!! What is with your Amsterdam officials? you really dropped the ball big time with this manuever! They need to fire that official that did not detain him.. The terrorist had that stuff with him when he boarded obviously... well, it was hidden, but cannot we have dogs or something that can sniff out explosive devices for planes bound for the US? After all, we ARE post-911 and it's clear that Al-Kaida has us in their sights again! Spooky!! What bolsters my spirits is the fact that ALL those passengers JUMPED that guy! You passengers of Flight 253 ROCK! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we honestly do! And the passengers were NOT ALL americans either. After all 911 went down, I went through post after post condemning us Americans, even after all the misery that 911 put our & other countries innocent citizens. Not to mention the countless lives lost by fireman, policeman, residents of NY! Okay, I'm off this little soapbox.. but obviously we need to go back to HIGH SECURITY in our country!
  7. Geez, dude.. hate it for ya! Are you jonesing out there?? ROTFLOL Yeah. he probably did smell something suspicious.. Hey I do NOT blame him in a way.. anyone who's got the nerve to get UPS to deliver their pot to them, may also have the pineapples to pull out a gun too, if they wanted to... i'd be scared too... I must say I don't think too much of UPS service in general though. They will leave your packages out in the rain, when you've asked them to leave it at their office or under cover. I've often been almost run over by UPS drivers too. Horrible drivers... I don't see that at all with the FedEx delivery drivers though. Next time I'm jonesing.. I'll be sure to contact Fedex!! Just kidding... Don't need that stuff, though, I'm already high enough from the fumes of the traffic off the interstate! hehehehe
  8. pinkstones, I agree with you about the Republicans, they are a smart group of people. We've had many staunch republicans in our midst too, and they can launch a great debate with you, and have lots of valid points in their arguments, and believe in alot of core values, which our country sadly seems to lack nowadays. I don't agree with all of them but then, I'm saddened by the turn the democratic party has taken lately also. maybe being an independent is a good idea...
  9. Oh, and just WHAT did Obama do EXACTLY to merit the Peace Prize? I never heard...... just cuz he wrote that book, or what??? I'm most confused by this, but many things about this man honestly confuse me.. He was raised in Hawaii, a pretty laid back place, but had a Kenyan Dad, another group of people who are polite, generally speaking and laid back, but yet, he projects this rather haughty, arrogant, know-it-all attitude... Oops.. I spoke my mind, excuse me, but it is just how he comes across on TV. Oh, geez, ABC news has to be the MOST biased piece of cow cakes to come down the Pike, when it comes to bias-ness (new word, woohoo, lol) Ever since they turned TV digital it's ALL we can pick up on our set, though for some strange reason we get CBS news and tv just FINE without the digital box. Excuse Mr. Obama but since your administration took office, we've not been able to afford a digital set, since we are STILL waiting for the Stimulus Package to take effect..... Now.. if ONLY the Stim Pkg had GONE into effect by now.. many of us would not be worried if we'll be living in our vehicles soon or under some bridge. I'm NOT being sarcastic here, the facts are things are HORRIBLE for many Americans now..especially with the winter setting in. I think it's time a lot of us go OFF the grid, since we cannot seem to rely on the government anymore, since their coffers are so bone dry with all this spending. To me it's nonsensical... I'm being political i suppose.. but who spends wrecklessly when you are hopeless in debt, (as the US is) and not sure you'll have good jobs to fall back on? Where are ALL the jobs that Mr. Obama said he's going to create? That's what I want to know.. and as an american I do have the right to know that! We're the ones footing the bill for that thing. Oh, and if you REALLY want to know stuff about BO (our president) try listening to Sean Hannity.... He'll tell you stuff you'll not hear anywhere else.... It's strange cuz so many of the young people now won't even pick up a paper, or listen to the radio, like talk radio, they don't want to.. they ONLY want to get their news off the internet or tv...or they are glued into their ipods, so they're so isolated they don't know what's happening in the world around them!! That's where they miss the boat and many things we NEED to know are in print, or on the radio, not on the internet or tv nowadays. let's hope to God, they do NOT do away with newspapers in this administration...... Just think if your power goes out, or you cannot turn on your TV set, how you going to get any news at all? At least newspaper will still be delivered to your door. I do hope Obama steps up his game and starts getting on the stick and CREATING jobs THIS year, not 3 years from now.. we cannot afford to wait any longer.... You DID say CHANGE, did you not Mr. President? I sure hope you did not mean change for the worse. I'd be most disappointed if that were the case. Please start creating jobs NOW from this Stimulus Package, Mr. Obama. Well, I hope the Obama has a blessed New Year's and will create jobs for the Americans right now, not 3 years from now. The Americans sure cannot afford to wait, and it's affecting so many other countries on our globe too.
  10. Hi Edna, where did you get your little sparkling Christmas tree gif there? that's pretty neat! I used to love to do HTML with the webtv, making up webpages. Umm.. Keith Richards, yeah, he's a good one for sure. Nice he's still with us.. So many great guitarists have died before their day, Hendrix, Jim Croce, Dan Fogelburg... Is he still doing Heroin? I heard he was an addict and had been on for years..... Well, for what it's worth, happy birthday Keith Richards, you rock dude! Which is your fave Rolling Stones album.. I like Let it Bleed, but there's too many to name, Sticky Fingers, etc.... When the train leaves the station There were two _____s in my hand... I cannot remember the name of that tune, rather a sad tune, but a good one, Factory Girl another great one... Sympathy 4 the Devil, go listen to the words of that song.. so interesting.. Hey, who writes most of the lyrics for the Rolling Stones, or is it a collective effort. There was a book out there about the Rolling stones early years, and wasn't there a member who died early that was in the Rolling Stones...his name ALSO escapes me.. Oh, well, early AM here... Happy Holidays everyone.
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