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George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Layla


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Yep, thats what I heard too.

Thanks alot Beatleant!

I had never heard it before.

I saw a video of George Harrison, and Eric Clapton just the other day.

Forgot the song, but they were old fogeys!

and someone told me the same story you just told.

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wow, that Jim Gordon story is freaky. Poor Pattie, George professed his love for Maureen Starkey, Ringo's wife, infront of Patti, and Eric showed up at her doorstep with a bag of heroin, threatning to take it if she didn't leave with him.

She did end up with him, but he cheated on her repeatedly, fathering a daughter, Ruth, with another woman behind Patti's back, knowing Patti could not have children. She did divorce him as well.

I bet she's living well off of the alimony, however.

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Eric Clapton Fell in love with the girfriend of George Harrison. Eric Clapton said to the girlfriend: Marry me or I get addictet to heroin. The girl said "No!" and Clapton became a junkie.At this time he wrote the song "Layla".Why not. That's what I've :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: heard. But isn't Eric Clapton great anyway? Cream for President!

And excuse my bad english. Im a dumb german woman^^!

Best wishes! :guitar:

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I read an interview of Pattie Boyd some time ago, she said that Eric Clapton was so happy because he recently had a son (Connor, who died at 5) with an italian actress and he wanted to share his joy with Patty. He couldn´t even realize that for her it was a painfull thing, an extra-marital child... they were still married and supposed to be happy together... Patty Boyd Harrison Clapton etc says that "it´s a miracle we both survived after all that heroin, alcohol, cheating, etc."

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