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What are you eating or drinking?


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Everything in sight. This includes passers-by. I live on a main road, they're great for a late night/early morning snack.

No, really - why am I eating us out of the house? This doesn't make sense. Maybe it's because I listened to the Black Moth Super Rainbow album and it embedded its name in my brain...

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That's what she said.

HahahhAhahAh. I never get tired of that finish :cool:

What did I just eat? Soda and green apple Mentos. It's a great sugar delivery system for the mornings. BUT... one apple mentos I may regret. I tried popping it the way the actor does in the commercial and one flew off and I tried to catch it... and it bounced off the palm of my hand. "OOOoooOOOpPpps!~" And it bounced off the palm of my hand again. I could see it s-l-o-w-l-y make its landing on the office carpet. "There is still time. I CAN CATCH IT!" The Mento touched down and then... it bounced again and it bounced way outta my reach and it sliiiiid past my cubicle, it slid some more, catching all sorts of invisible deadly carpet debris along the way. It was then that I finally caught the errant candy. I looked at it and I saw the girl from the cubicle next to me staring at me in shock. "DON'T DO IT! PEOPLE WALK ON THIS THING," she exclaimed. I looked at her. "Five-second rule, or was it seven seconds?" I looked at the candy. I looked at her. "Meh, I've put worse things in me mouth... besides, carpet is bacteriostatic," AND I ATE IT! I really am shameless =:P

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