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The Horizon Broadening Thread

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OK....I am not really into country, so someone who is, please educate me. Nothing too twangy, please!

Okay, Jenny, put on your cowboy boots...I'm ready to kick a little country your way.

I grew up in CT and have always been a bit snobbish about country music. "I would never listen to that hillbilly crap." However, since I moved to GA 15 years ago, I haven't had much choice but to listen to it, even when I tried to resist. I've grown to gradually like country music, especially with Mags' help. She's a pure bred country girl. I mean that in the nicest way. :grin:

Anyway, this song is so beautiful. The video was shot when Faith was pregnant with their first child (I think it was their first). You can tell how much they love each other.

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - It's Your Love

A new country group that I am currently digging is Little Big Town. Their first single, "Boondocks", is twangy, and you may not like it, but it describes where I live perfectly. Their second single, "Bring it on Home to Me" (no, it's not the wonderful Sam Cooke song), is a ballad. I think it's beautiful. You can watch both of them here at the CMT site.

My favorite country group is Sugarland. Their lead singer is Jennifer Nettles. Mags and I work with a guy who played in a band with a guy who played in a band with her. That's a far reaching connection, isn't it? Anyway, we'd heard her sing as an alternative artist for a while before she joined with Sugarland as a country artist. She has the most amazing voice.

Pre-countrified pre-Sugarland Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles Band - What You Signed Up For

Being a Jersey girl, you may have heard this a time or two, but probably the version without Jennifer.

Bon Jovi ft Jennifer Nettles - Who Says You Can't Go Home

This is one of my favorite Sugarland songs...it's the story of my life.

Sugarland - Just Might (Make Me Believe)

And for good measure, here's a twangy but catchy Sugarland song...

Sugarland - Down to Mississippi (And Up To No Good)

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Mags just told me about it. That's pretty rude if it's true. What has Carrie Underwood done to Faith Hill? Sure, she won American Idol, but she hasn't been so successful in country music just because of that. People seem to like her voice on its own merit. It would be different if Faith wrote her own material or played an instrument on any of her songs. She's a glorified karaoke artist just like Carrie is.

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This is from Faith Hill's myspace page:

“The idea that I would act disrespectful towards a fellow musician is unimaginable to me. For this to become a focus of attention given the talent gathered is utterly ridiculous. Carrie is a talented and deserving Female Vocalist of The Year.â€
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Mags and I work with a guy who played in a band with a guy who played in a band with her. That's a far reaching connection, isn't it?

Less than six degrees. :grin:

I love Little Big Town. I already loved their one song "Boondocks" and then I saw them do that unbelievable tune last night about bones in the closet and ghosts and stuff. I loved it! (what the heck is it?)

Also, I'm with you on Sugarland, Peaches. It's rare that someone's southern accent is so strong when they're singing, and I think it's great!

The one who scared me on last night's awards was Miranda something-or-other... "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." The song was great (as is her "Kerosene") but she brought a little too much life to it, if you know what I mean.

I don't believe for a heartbeat that Faith Hill said any such thing about anyone else. She's always been a very sweet and classy person in all interviews I've seen and read.

oooo and I also love the Wreckers - Michelle Branch's new duo.

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Here 'tis, Shawna


Click on the first song, called "In the LAnd of Grey and Pink"

Batman, that's a great tune! I love it - thank you :)

Is it really from 1971? I don't know if I'm reading that right... if so, I've been missing out for a long time.

I really am a folky. :grin:

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The Animals - I know their hits (House Of The Rising Sun, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, When I Was Young) and some of Eric Burdon's stuff (I love 'Spill The Wine') but there must be more by them that I am missing out on!

Billy Joel - I have 11 songs of his on my iPod, but again, I must be missing out on a heap of other great stuff by him. I suppose I've got only got his hit singles.

Any further song recommendations for those two??

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Katie, here are some of my favorite Billy Joel songs that weren't "big hits":


Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (both from "The Stranger")

The Entertainer (from "Streetlife Serenade")

Just a Fantasy (from "Glass Houses")

Summer, Highland Falls

Prelude/Angry Young Man (both from "Turnstiles")

You're My Home (from "Piano Man")

I could list more, but hopefully, that will give you a good start.

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The Animals - Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted album recorded a decade

after the original lineup broke up is a dynamite album that No One has heard.

bazooka's heard it! And it's one of my all-time favorite obscure recordings.

The memorable tracks I taped from my brother's vinyl were

Just A Little Bit

Lonely Avenue ( heard this version before Ray Charles' with The Raelettes from 1952 )

Fire On The Sun

The Fool

I see it is available as a pricey import CD, but I might just might make that investment.

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