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That was likely a good move , Jenny . I do hope , though , that you aren't opposed to taking the tar out of your child , though , if necessary . :)

I do believe in discipline, but not like that, Kevin. I'm pretty lucky. She's a great kid, and she doesn't like to see me mad, so if I get mad and send her to her room and/or ignore her for a bit, she hates it and straightens up.

If she does get physical, I warn her that the next thing she does to me will get done back to her, and for now, that works.

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new Simon's Cat: Hot Spot :D

I love Simon's Cat :D I also like the Simon's Sister's Dog video. To bad there's just one.

As for the angry kid video. I wasn't sure it was real either until I watched the one about the birthday truck.

The reaction of the dad when the kid swung that bat at him and mom making the younger boy turn off the video cam kinda swayed me.

I thought the whole situation was rather cruel. To bad no one thought to tell the kid the truck could be painted and avoid the whole ugly scene.

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