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I gotta agree Shawna. I found it funny only because it really makes me wonder if it's a put on.

If it's not, it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with his parents?

Number one, if it's not just a "for the sake of a lot of views on YT, why would his family take it so lightly and allow the younger brother to exploit his older brother that way :stars:

If it's for the sake of YT I'd knock them both out. If it isn't, I'd report them to CPS.

Great acting on all parts if it's just for show. If not, it's not just the out of control boy that needs help it's the whole famdamly.

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I find that deeply disturbing, actually. That child has some serious issues, not the least of which he threatened to kill himself (not in so many words). That family should get him to a shrink before he either kills himself or someone else.

BTW I couldn't make out what kind of account his brother said his mother just canceled...?

World of Warcraft. Addictive online video game. I cannot fault the kid that much. At that age, he must've been hooked and put in hours of effort into fine tuning his skills/relationships on there. The parents should definitely not have CANCELLED his account, just toughened up the time restrictions. Don't think the kid has 'issues' either and think the word is thrown about much too carelessly. (i.e. he's just being a brat)

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I still don't think he has issues. He didn't know he was being recorded or 'watched' so the tantrum wasn't for anyone's benefit. He's a child, he's a boy, he's probably not been brought up too well (not 'issues', just shoddy parenting - not that I'm in a position to judge, but I do), we don't know what conversation he JUST had with his parents, and it's really not that uncommon for children to throw strong words like kill/hate around. Yes, we should take them seriously, etc. etc. etc. but come ON, let's not get oversensitive and brand any deviation from what we perceive as the 'norm' to be something as ambiguous as 'issues' - what issues? Mental issues? Brought on by what? Family issues? Such as? Social issues? Peer pressure? what are 'issues'?

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There were other video's by that same kid that were equally disturbing. I watched them last night.

I'm not so sure now that it is a joke. I am abit familiar with some of the titles they tag kids with now days. I have dealt with a few including my own ADHD kid. We didn't go the medication route btw. We just dealt with each issue as they arose.

She has never acted like that tho. Not by a long shot. I blame the parents for that behavior simply because of the way they react to it. Did any of you watch the birthday truck video?

That whole family was very cruel to that kid and the way they reacted to his meltdown was completely ridiculous.

My guess is the kid possibly has Oppositional Defiant Disorder aka ODD. If so he should have received counseling years ago and not only should his parents have noticed something was amiss the school system would be equally at fault.

But then again he could just be a very spoiled kid and his parents just let him get away with that behavior for so long it got to the level we see in the video's.

Either way after watching the other video's I find it sad and feel sorry for that kid.

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(not 'issues', just shoddy parenting... what issues? Mental issues? Brought on by what? Family issues? Such as? Social issues? Peer pressure? what are 'issues'?

here is one of the definitions from Merriam-Webster.com:

8 a : something coming forth from a specified source

In this case, I think it's emotional, perhaps family stuff... who knows what sort of home life he has? But I stand by my opinion that this is NOT the "normal" behavior of a well-adjusted child over the age of, say, 3, whether or not he's mad or sad. So perhaps there's something like Lea said - a chemical imbalance. Or maybe he just doesn't have a clue how to control his anger and therefore needs counseling to learn to control it.

I also wonder if, after this scene was over, he calmed down right away and returned to regular, or did it continue for the rest of the day?

They should call Nanny911. :beatnik:

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There's money to be made as a psychologist in the developed world. And here I went and changed my specialisation, silly me :doh: :( People all over the world are queuing up to be told they're... er... nuts.


But there's no $$$ in telling people that :(

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I haven't seen the video, so I'm not commenting on that, but I'd like to put in two cents on children's behavior. Personally, I think we put too many expectations on children too young. Bad behavior should not be tolerated or excused, but I think a lot of times patience is required and people don't give it. We want kids to act like little adults, sit still, be quiet, etc.

My daughter has been going to daycare since 4 months old. While that has been good for her, I think that daycare adds to these high expectations. My child didn't do a few things kids her age did when she was three and the director of the daycare called this meeting about it. I was made to feel like my kid was abnormal and/or I was a bad parent. It really shook me up....something like that makes you doubt every move you make as a parent. She caught up quickly after moving to a different daycare, so I think it was more than likely an environment issue.

I commend you, Lea, for not giving in and giving your daughter drugs. She most likely didn't need them.

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