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Rocks musical family tree.

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Ok I did a search and didn't find anything on this, so if I missed it, my bad. This is something we are going to do near Thanksgiving on the air. The family tree with musical artists. Ok I will start and you branch off from me.


John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

Ringo Star

First a group and then single artists. Now I know all of you can think of musicians they worked with and branch out from there. It is cool to see who all you can come up with from just one group.

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No, not really Marc. Here at the station wetake a group, The Beatles, The Stones, someone like that and you branch out from there. Most artists from a band work on solo stuff and then other artists have worked with the band and then you branch off from those. It is cool to see how many artists you can come up with from just one band.

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Actually, now that you have linked to Jeff Beck, that makes things easier :)

Jeff Beck worked with:

Jimmy Page

John Paul Jones

Nicky Hopkins

Keith Moon

The Yardbirds

(Notice that from here you can link to Led Zeppelin, The Who or The Rolling Stones!)

Billy Preston worked with Ray Charles.

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Bad Company was the band formed by Paul Rodgers after Free. He played with Queen after Freddie Mercury´s death. Queen´s guitar player Brian May was fan of The Shadows and he recorded a Tribute Album with some other musicians, Neil Young among them.

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