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Fantasy Football : Season II


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What happened ? I saw that Tomlinson got four TDs ( your guy ) ... ?

Oh , I see ... Ouch !

Wow ! Some major points by some this week .


Neil Rackers had better kick ALOT of field goals tomorrow ( and Chicago flop offensively ) , or I've had it too . :crazy: Damn you , Torry Holt ! }:(

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Yeah that was a close one - and good points for both too , which makes it a bit easier if you have to lose . Getting skunked really sucks all around .

I don't think I've scored over 100 points yet - and even wonder if I will ... I think I drafted badly again :P

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:laughing: :doh: :stars: :thumbsup: What a sloppy game ! Talk about ' A Comedy of Errors ' - I may yet pull this one off !?! I shoulda had a bet down on with all these variables in play - think of the odds !

That was certainly Gross , man ! ;)

Malakin , do you want to trade James ? ( I'll give you Rackers :laughing: ) ... seriously . though , think about it .

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Can't believe my luck today !
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Poor Malakin . I was just reading that Edgerrin James also set a record for the most carries while averaging under 2 yards per attempt , too . I am still amazed at the combination of bad luck that had to happen for his squad not to win last week .

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