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Fantasy Football : Season II


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Ok , here's the place , now , for Fantasy Football related info / postings / questions and signups .

Present league : Kevin , Cee-Cee ,Carl , TheLizard, Joe ,Phil ,RonJon , ...

Still room for more !

* For people considering playing Fantasy Football : While it isn't a complex game and one could actually play without any knowledge of football , I would suggest that at least a basic or general understanding of the game and the NFL would be advised- simply to make it more enjoyable for oneself and to be able to play with some competance .

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Songfactors Gridiron is ready to enter it's 2nd smash season. By stealing everything kevin did last season, I am making beleive i toiled to set up this new season...when, in fact, all I did was say i wanted to copy last years league and Yahoo did the rest.

To sign up...go to yahoo Sports and click on the Fantasy link.

Click Fantasy football and you will be given the opportunity to "Accept an invitiation to join a custom league". click there and you'll need an ID and password.

The ID # is 494271 and the password is "rock".

There will be an autodraft and you'll need to pre-rank you players...if you don't, Yahoo does it for you. I'd suggest doing the pre-rank.

Unlike baseball, you just need to have your team set for one game per week. It's easy...give it a try.


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^ Good eye , Lizard ! You're right , and if I recall correctly , the reasoning was basically based on the idea that awarding the full 6 points for a passing TD to the QB was excessive for his contribution to the play - it has to be caught as well , afterall .

We felt that , from playing regular F. Football previously , 6 points tended , often , to way overvalue the QB on the team relative to the other players . A QB with a few passing strikes could often account for between 25-50% of a Fantasy team's total point earnings himself . We opted to focus more on his personal performance instead , so you'll notice that there are points awarded for completions ( minus for incompletions ) and points for every 30 yards ( down from 50 in the default/ regular format ) . Therefore , a good to great game for a QB will still be impressive point-wise , and , in the end , the QB position will still likely be your biggest point earner - just not as high as in regular F. Football and , I thought , makes one more concerned with their entire team's performance all around .

We also found that by considering QB performance stats ( completions / yards gained ) rather than primarily TDs , there was more parity among the league's QBs as they could compete more favorably with QBs from higher scoring or stronger teams by giving a good performance . It also allowed for more strategic decisions on who to start and more options to consider in getting points .

ex . A 300+ yrd game / high completions but only 1 passing TD ~ A 180 yrd game , moderate completions but , say , 3 TDs .

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Heh.. I hadn't noticed that, but I like the explanation, it made sense and sounds good to me.

I joined up with Malakin's Marmosets. Why Marmosets you might be wondering? Because I couldn't think of another M animal off the top of my head, and Marmosets, well, they're rather non-threatening, aren't they? Kind of lull you into a false sense of security, and then go right for the jugular! Rawr!

Err... Yeah, too much coffee..

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