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Favourite The Who Song?

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Seeker, what albums are your fav. songs from? the only one i have is "Go To The Mirror, Boy!"

1. How Many Friends -- By Numbers

2. In The City -- A Quick One (the remastered one)

3. Go To The Mirror -- Tommy

4. Dreaming From the Waist -- By Numbers

5. Circles -- My Generation (Circles is often called Instant Party)

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1.Boris the Spider :coolio:

2.Pictuers of Lily

3.Pinball Wizard

4.I can see for miles


6.I'm a Boy

7.My Genration

Mine's Changed:

1.The Ox(My Genration)

2.Happy Jack(Happy Jack)

3.Pinball Wizard(Tommy)



6.My Generation(My Genration)

7.Pictures Of Lily(?)

8.I'm A Boy(?)


10.Boris The Spider(Happy Jack)

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Oh wow...either The Real Me or Substitute. Has anyone seen the MOJO cover article on them for (I think) February? I really liked Fastball's version of "The Real Me" and Pat DiNizio's version of "Behind Blue Eyes."

And Christmas...I had forgotten all about that song until I read someone else mention it. I remember seeing the musical Tommy when I was in high school and that song just killed me the first time I ever heard it.

And being a fan of CSI (ha ha) I like Won't Get Fooled Again.

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Because I forgot some stuff
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