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Arctic Monkeys


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I listened to the album through the other afternoon whilst cooking, and the only songs that really stood out for me, were their releases 'When The Sun Goes Down' and 'I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor'. Didn't do anything for me. I much preferred The Editors album when I listened to it afterwards!

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These guys really give their all for their love performances and...

...you can't ask for much more than that, can you?

I assume you're basing this claim on hearsay rather than intimate familiarity, E-A?! ;)

I'm still listening to the Arctic Monkeys album quite regularly. If anything, it's growing on me.

Whether or not it will prove to be one of the "all-time great British albums", who can say? I think it stands up to scrutiny and repeated listening; there's plenty to suggest they have what it takes to progress in whatever direction they choose. I expect them to go from strength to strength.

The problem with "over-hype" is that one expects the overhyped phenomenon to be "totally earth-shattering", when in reality, few things are....

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Heard the first public broadcasts of The Arctic Monkeys forthcoming single "Brian Storm" the other night. First impression: excellent stuff.

Recognisably them, but with added "oomph!". The playing is ferocious in places: the drummer sounds like he's been listening to Metallica...but all the band get their chance to shine. Plus, the usual smart, witty and acutely-observed lyrics. Very promising :thumbsup:

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